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"Since the LTTE put in their maximum resources to the Muhamalai battle this could easily become their last"

By Walter Jayawardhana

Colombo, 14 October, ( Sri lanka Army spokesman Brigadier Prasad Samarasinghe said the recently done Muhamalai battale might become the last battle of the LTTE since they put in their maximum resources into it.

He said the Sri Lanka troops had to put in a heavy resistance to stop the invading forces of the LTTE and the best effort of the separatist forces could not move the ground forces back even by an inch.

Brigadier Samarasinghe said still there were intermittent mortar and artillery attacks by the LTTE on the Forward Defense Line at Muhamalai.

Samarasinghe said LTTE military spokesman Ilantheriyan’s claim that they have 40 decaying bodies of Sri Lanka Army unclaimed bodies was a complete fabrication meant for propaganda and every soldier has been accounted for.

He said at the end of the battle at Muhamalai, Kilali and Nagar Kovil the Army had 55 bodies of their own soldiers and 78 others were missing. He said 74 bodies of the missing 78 had been handed over to the army through the ICRC.

The LTTE is to hand over another 4 bodies tomorrow. That would complete the list of all missing soldiers.

The extra 40 bodies they are speaking about could well be those of the LTTE, Brigadier Samarasinghe said.

Intelligence sources of the Security Services have now confirmed 196 of the LTTE guerillas have died in the major clash at Mauhamalai, Kilai and Nagar Kovil and 312 have been seriously injured. More have been reported having minor injuries.

Security sources said, "The LTTE has converted schools in to hospitals. The injured LTTE members are hospitalized in these schools in the uncleared areas. The last rites had been given to the dead in areas of Punukkai, Kilinochchi, Mannar and Mullaithiu by LTTE."

"There is a serious blood shortage," said the same sources, "in the LTTE areas and LTTE has ordered the civilians to donate blood immediately to their blood banks. There is a shortage of beds and medicines in the LTTE controlled hospitals. This has created a problem for the civilians. The hospitals are getting crowded in these areas with casualties since Wednesday (11)."

In addition to the 133 Sri Lanka Army soldiers killed in the battle the LTTE also killed one more soldier at Omanthai Forward Defense lines on October 13 Friday. Three more were also injured by small fire in the same clash and have been admitted to the Anuradhapura hospital.

- Asian Tribune -

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