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People of Kayts protest assassination of three EPDP cadres in the streets of Jaffna

By Walter Jayawardhana

Colombo, 15 October, ( A mass protest campaign was held in the Kayts island of Jaffna against the assassinations conducted by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam ( LTTE) killing three activists of the Eelam People’s Democratic Party (EPDP) in the streets of Jaffna. EPDP islets organizer, Rasiah Vignesvaran alias Muhunthan (33)EPDP islets organizer, Rasiah Vignesvaran alias Muhunthan (33)

The Jaffna District Public Relations Officer of the EPDP Alalsuntharam Satheeskumar alias Satheesh (24), EPDP islets organizer, Rasiah Vignesvaran alias Muhunthan (33) and Public Relations Officer, Arulnayagam Gunanayagam alias Sutha (26) were shot and killed on the spot in Jaffna. One of the party’s senior members was also injured in the incident and admitted to the Jaffna Teaching Hospital.

Reports from the Kayts Island said, unlike earlier the Tamils of Kayts came forward to organize protests against the LTTE who have been killing EPDP activists openly and with impunity ever since the Ceasefire Agreement between the Ranil Wickremesinghe administration and the LTTE was signed.

Due to the protest campaign shopkeepers put up shutters, civilians hoisted black flags in the town, transport services were stopped and all government offices were closed, the reports said.The Jaffna District Public Relations Officer of the EPDP Alalsuntharam Satheeskumar alias Satheesh (24),The Jaffna District Public Relations Officer of the EPDP Alalsuntharam Satheeskumar alias Satheesh (24),

Since the Ceasefire Agreement the government of Sri Lanka took away weapons from groups like the EPDP and PLOTE and only allowed the LTTE to carry weapons making all political groups opposed to the terrorist groups sitting ducks and making them to live at the mercy of the LTTE.

In the forthcoming peace talks in Geneva the government of Sri Lanka wants to discuss democracy, multi-party system and pluralism as a core issues in response to the alleged assassinations of the political opponents of the LTTE.

But LTTE proxy parties including the Western Province People’s Front led by Mano Ganeshan has already protested that such issues do not have a place in a peace agenda.

Making a vehement protest the EPDP in a press release said, "The killing culture of the LTTE in the name of freedom struggle has been a threat to the lives of the Tamils and a hindrance to win the political rights of the Tamil-speaking people. Rasiah Vignesvaran alias Muhunthan (33) and Public Relations OfficerRasiah Vignesvaran alias Muhunthan (33) and Public Relations Officer

Tamil democratic forces from many floors are raising their voice against the killing culture of the LTTE, which is taking the lives of their own kind. The civilians are being silenced by the LTTE threats and those who voice their concerns against the fascist killings of the LTTE are being hunted down and killed by the LTTE’s sole leadership frenzy. Three of our members were the latest victims of the brutal and heinous killings of the LTTE on Thursday (12-10-06) in the Jaffna Town."

"The LTTE has not still, realized," said the EPDP, "that it is their heinous killings of their own race is the main reason for our freedom struggle to go in the wrong direction. It is also an obstacle for a meaningful political solution to our problem till today."

Cautioning them of results that would give them self-destructions due to these heinous crimes, the EPDP further said, "In World history, even those who lost ultimately due to their anarchy did not realize their own faults when they met their end. Reason being, blindly killing those who question you or who work for the welfare of the people and speak the truth, is a kind of mental illness.

"One day history will provide a remedy for this kind of frenzy in our country!

"Only if the people get together and stand up against these killings a change could happen sooner. This is the best way to save the people from further destruction.

"Our slain comrades worked for the welfare and happiness of our people! We would like to pay our respects to our three slain comrades by promising to continue to work in their path and make their dreams come true. We cannot put a stop to the LTTE killings only by condoling or condemning them!

"The best way, is to find a war free and meaningful political solution in our country so that the parasites, which drink the blood of our own people for their own survival will be eradicated automatically."

- Asian Tribune -

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