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Immediately after anti-war rally by pro-LTTE elements, Navy destroys vessel carrying arms & ammunition in Mannar seas

By Walter Jayawardhana

Colombo, 15 October, ( Sri Lanka Navy’s fast attack craft destroyed a suspected Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) sea vessel that was attempting to smuggle in arms and ammunition into the country, military sources said. Arippu near mannar where a suspected LTTE vessel carrying arms and ammunition was destroyed .Arippu near mannar where a suspected LTTE vessel carrying arms and ammunition was destroyed .

The suspected LTTE vessel was destroyed by the Sri Lanka Naval Fast Attack Squadron off Mannar ,October 15 at 9.00 a.m. the sources said.

The sinking of the arms and ammunition vessel came only a day after pro-LTTE elements held a public meeting in Mannar to protest against war in front of the St. Sebastian Catholic Church with the participation of the proxy party of the terrorist group, the Tamil National Alliance, organized by an alleged associate of the LTTE, Kumar Rupasinghe.

It is customary for the LTTE to smuggle in arms and ammunition while preparing for peace talks with the government of Sri Lanka. The terrorist group and the government representatives are scheduled to meet in Geneva ,Switzerland on October 28 and 29 to negotiate peace.

The confrontation of the attacking craft and the gun running vessel took place 35 nautical miles , off Arippu, Mannar the military sources said. Navy Dovra Boat checked after the AttackNavy Dovra Boat checked after the AttackLTTE Indian made trawler boat blastingLTTE Indian made trawler boat blasting

Naval sources revealed that immediately after the suspected craft was sighted the naval craft ordered it to stop for inspection. Instead the suspected LTTE vessel opened fire on the Naval craft.

Naval sources said the naval craft retaliated with heavy fire causing substantial damage to the suspected LTTE craft.

Then the suspected LTTE craft exploded violently causing injuries to three naval personnel by projectiles of the explosion.

The military sources said that it has been now confirmed that the destroyed vessel was carrying "war like material" to the Western coast near Mannar.

Some patches of the coast near Mannar are under the control of the LTTE. Naval sources said four LTTE cadres were also killed with the sinking vessel. Regardless of public displays of the desire to have peace, the LTTE is continuing to procure arms and ammunition for war, military officials alleged.

- Asian Tribune -

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