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Attack on industrial sector in Bangladesh: This is more than conspiracy

Dhaka, 26 May (INS + The Kansat-type mayhem that took place in last four days targeting the country's growing garment industry in and around the capital is, undoubtedly, an ominous sign. One after another in the same style but in different pretexts is being used in this election year when the incumbent four-party alliance government is due to relinquish power at the end of its five-year term.

After Kansat, similar agitation was created at Shanir Akhra at the city outskirt to press the demand for water and electricity and now at the capital city's industrial belt in the name of 'agitated' garment workers. The unruly elements went on rampage setting ablaze dozens of factories and enterprises and smashing many public and private vehicles at different places - Savar, Mirpur, Tejgaon, Uttara, Ashulia, Kafrul, Gazipur and Narayangonj - on Tuesday.

Garment manufacturers, exporters and business leaders at a press conference directly accused interested quarters of a neighboring country, a competitor, for conspiring against the garment industry here as they alleged that the activists, dictated by the agents of that country were instigating workers "in the name of deprivation and low wage" and gathering unruly elements under the cover of garment workers for such destructive activities.

Now the pertinent question comes as to who are the agents of that country accused pointedly by the garment owners for instigating the activists for the rampage? They must be exposed and brought to book for the greater interest of the country and the nation. In no way they can indulge in such destructive activities that have direct bearings on the national economy and industry. The government would have to take steps firmly in this regard.

According to press reports, the Awami League chief and leader of the opposition in Parliament on the same day blamed the government for failing to ensure security of garment workers, owners and the factories saying the ruling alliance has no right to stay in power.

Awami League by forging an alliance with left-leaning forces under the banner of the 14-party combine is now desperate and keeps alive its 'oust-government movement' to drag the incumbent BNP-led four-party alliance government down in an undemocratic way ahead of its five-year term. Whatever successes have been achieved by the incumbent government in law and order during the last four and a half years of its rule has now been staggered by creating such anarchic situation and that cannot be acceptable in politics.

The media - both print and electronic - that claims its elevated position as the fourth estate in democracy has also been accused by the garment owners and business leaders of distorting news reports on such violent events. The allegation is, undoubtedly, serious and grave in nature so far as journalism is concerned. Journalism profession is always guided by professional ethics and reporters must go by those for credibility and confidence.

- INS + Asian Tribune -

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