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Kotiwaligaya and Geneva talks. : How long the Sri Lanka Government is going to tolerate this bloody Nadagama.

By Sudath Gunasekara.

"Civilization and barbaric terrorism cannot co- exist,"- George Bush – American President

When I start this note with the above quotation every one will know that the writer has no faith in the ongoing negotiations with the LTTE. I know some "intellectual pundits" may call me a Sinhala chauvinist, ultra nationalist or what not. But I must say I write this note only as a Sri Lankan who has a heart for his motherland.

There is no parallel in known world history as far as I know where murderers of this type have been propitiated like this. I do strongly believe in what I say. That is nothing good will ever comes out of these time wasting exercises with these murderers, other than further strengthening or giving them time for manipulation leading to added carnage, human misery and doom for this beautiful Island Nation, to which successive governments are repeatedly forced to cling on, due to both internal blunders and diabolical external manipulations and their obvious partiality towards the LTTE and their failure to recognize Sri Lankan government as a legitimate government of a sovereign State.

Firstly negotiations can never resolve the LTTE issue because their demands are not negotiable. They have consistently maintained that they will never settle down for anything less than a separate Tamil state where they will have the power to function as an independent sovereign state, completely independent of the government of Sri Lanka.

Now let us look at their 4 non-negotiable demands they have been repeating at all previous discussions.

1 Acceptance of the concept of Tamil Homeland

2 Separate State for the LTTE only where no Sinhalese, Muslims or even Tamils who do not agree with their fascist regime will be allowed to stay

3 Acceptance of Tamils, as a Nation, by the Sri Lankan government.

4 Right of Self-determination within this territory independent of the Sri Lankan government, which means a separate sovereign State called Eelam. The following map shows the territory claimed by the LTTE as their Tamil Homeland.

Territory claimed by the LTTE as their homelandTerritory claimed by the LTTE as their homeland

Their mythical Tamil Homeland as seen from this map extends from Negambo to Kataragama. It comprises 1/3 of the total area of the country and 2/3 of the coastal area and the adjacent sea. Out of the 12% of Sri Lankan Tamils ½ has already been living for centuries in the other parts of the country. Out of the balance 6% another ½ has left the country in fear of this murderous regime. Another ½ now has migrated to in areas outside the LTTE terrorized areas seeking shelter and refuge among the Sinhalese. Of the balance about1.5%, which works out to about 270,000 live in the eastern province that have now joined the Karuna’s faction?

They have also given up the idea of a separate Tamil Homeland. So ultimately the number kept as hostages and prisoners by Tigers boils down to about 135,000 (over 75% of whom live there for fear of death at the gun point of Piraba-Balasingham-Tamilselvan (Murderous Trio). It is for this fraction of minority Tamils, which constitute less that 1.5% of the total population of the country the Tigers are asking for this big chunk of the country while the rest, almost 1,78,00,000 (seventeen million eight hundred thousand) that is 98.5% of the population of the country will be left only with 2/3 of the area of the Island and 1/3 the coastal belt. Under this situation each man in the Eelam will get nearly 80 acres of land.

Since the east tern province is the area, which has the largest extent of land available for new development such division will also bring about an enormous disparity in the distribution of resources. This by any standard is unfair and un-reasonable by the rest of the people in the country.

Talking about the Homeland question, it must be clearly said that even India with its 65 million Tamils and sixty times the area of our country has not given a Home Land for Tamils. Then how can one expect a Home Land so big, 1/3 the area of this tiny Island for little over 100,000 people, a mere fraction of Sri Lankan population, to be given in Sri Lanka. In fact Tamil Nadu in South India is the real historical Homeland of Tamils. But they don’t claim it there. In Sri Lanka on the other hand, in known history there has been no Tamil Home land. India also has not recognized them as a nation. So how and under what justification and logic one expect Sri Lanka to recognize them as a nation. Sri Lanka has only one nation. That is the Sri Lankan Nation, just like India has one nation. Prior to 1815 in fact it was called the Sinhala Nation, which included all people lived within its territorial boundaries at that time whether they were Tamils or Muslims or any other.

1. what are we going to do the Sinhalese and Muslims living in North and the East? Where are they going to be dumped? None of the Sinhalese, numbering over 30,000 who were living in Jaffna are there now. They were either murdered or chased out by the tigers. Most others including Muslims who lived in these areas are already in rehabilitation camps after they were driven out and properties plundered. These are some of the major issues the so-called international community has ignored. The 4th condition self determination is only a diabolical dream. Therefore it is not even discussed here.

2.Secondly their demands are irrational, illogical and unrealistic, which no self-respecting sovereign government in the world can agree to.
3.Thirdly the LTTE do not believe in any negotiations. They believe only in killing and getting their things by the use of force of the bullet. Their language is terror. They are convinced that they can win the Tamil EELAM by war. They have no regard what so ever for any kind of human values.

4.Fourthly even if they want to negotiate for a lesser settlement they cannot do so now because if they do so their own cadre will kill them.

5.Finally they know it for certain that they can never win the Tamil people through democratic methods because they know the misery these terrorists have brought to them, than any body else and they want therefore vote them if there is going to be free elections
They have by now killed all the Tamil political leaders who don’t agree with them. Only two are left now, Ananda Sangari and Douglus Dedvanamnda. All the other politicians living puppets are held as LTTE hostages and their proxies only. The moment they say no to LTTE , all of them also will be instantly killed.

So eliminating others is the only way left for this uneducated, murderous outfit that guarantees them to continue to enjoy the luxuries they are having now. They have never been genuine and they will never be in future either. They will use every moment to sharpen their teeth and get stronger for the next carnage thereby adding to the misery the ordinary Tamil people and the rest. This is the Stark Truth the whole world including the bloody stupid Norwegians should be told at the Geneva talks by the government at least now.
Now they insist on the opening up of the A9 accusing the government for causing hardship to Tamils. Who caused hardship to the Tamils by collecting billions of ransom by way of taxes etc. when the road was open? Who plundered lorry load of goods taken to those areas by the government and murdered those who were engaged in humanitarian work. That is why the government had temporarily close this road. But now as the government says it is open. So what? Billions lost due to its closure is their main problem now. That is why they make it an issue and not because they love the Tamils.

They accuse the government for killing. Then what about their own butchering innocent people, like what happened at Habarana and Kebithigollewa the other day in particular and every body including Tamils in general.. Do they think the legitimately elected government of the country has no right to defend its territory and take adequate measure for the security of the country? This should be the last time any Sri Lankan government sits down to negotiating with them.

If the government still feels that it should talk, now that everybody is in Geneva, then I think the government should insist the international community cuddling and hugging these animals to prevail upon them to agree to the following conditions before any talks begin, instead of trying to bully the elected government of Sri Lanka.

Lay down arms, give up the Eelam dream, renounce all terror and violence and agree to enter the democratic process, stop all killing including the killing of Tamil politicians who hold different views, stop all ransom collections, release all POW, and accept that there is only one legitimate government in this country. If they are not prepared to do so then the government must request the International community including USA, EU and all other stakeholders in this Nadagama to help the government to wipe out these inhuman murderers and bring back sanity and peace to this Island nation.

If that is not possible on their part then we must ask the USA and even the EU and the so-called Co-chairs to stop all their attacks to Iraq and Afganistan and immediately start negotiations with Sadam Hussain and al-Qaida leader.

Instead of that look at what they are doing now. It is reported that Norway has warned the government to ‘push peace or lose foreign foreign cash” What right do they have to tell us this kind of unwanted bullshit. It only reminds me of the story of the Nivata karanawemiya and the goat.

Look at the inconsistent manner the International community is adopting. It is said that the LTTE is an outlawed terrorist organization in USA, UK and EU. But USA allows a US based LTTE lawyer to participate at Geneva talks. UK on the other hand has allowed Balasingham- another LTTE criminal to live and engage in terrorist activities from UK soils. On the top of all these Norway has assumed the role of the all powerful adjudicator (in addition to all the crimes they have already committed toward Sri Lanka) and now getting ready to punish the victim while declaring the criminal innocent.

Now the so called world powers who have openly declared war against global terrorism (when only one building in New York was bombed) warns the legitimate government of Sri Lanka and ask it to recognize LTTE-the worlds most ruthless terrorist outfit and grant their requests, instead of prevailing upon the LTTE.

Why can’t the world community treat the LTTE in the same way they treat al-Qaida or Hamas? And help the government of Sri Lanka to see an end to this curse so that the people of this Island nation can live peacefully without trying to kill each other on ethnic grounds calling themselves Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims or Burghers. It is high time that all those who are against terrorism should forthwith stop supporting these criminals. All these nations should remember that although this is only our problem today, tomorrow it will be at your door steps as well if you continue to support these terrorists, before you wake up in the morning from your deep slumber.

If the so-called Tiger friendly international community still pretends to be deaf, blind and dumb to our call the Government should immediately get back home and start the final attack and eliminate these barbarians from the face of this Island. No more kotiwalige hereafter. The bloody Norwegians too can rest in ‘piece’ thereafter.

Dear President Rajapaksa, unlike Ranil or Chandrika, who have betrayed the Sri Lankan nation and who still continue to do so, you have another job to do, a special job to do for that matter. That is rescuing this nation from the dismal abyss- political, economic, ethnic, cultural and the mental slavishness in to which it has been dumped into by the colonial powers and their political successors. People of this country expected an end to this misery when they elected you to power in 2005 and now is the time for that noble mission. It is long overdue even by now. Ask the Norwegian idiots and their acolytes the so-called donors- the co-conspirators- to go to hell with their disgraceful kahavanu malu.

Make a clarion call to the nation, wake them up from their deep slumber, and call them to get ready for the final sacrifice in the name of the nation and put an end to this bloody terrorism and show who the Sri Lankans are to these Norwegian idiots and their acolytes - who were only a set of naked barbarians and sea pirates living in caves and eating raw flesh, when the people of this Island were proud nation living at the Zenith of human civilization long time ago.

Sudath Gunasekara, President, Mahanuwara Sinhala Bauddha Jesta Puravesiyange Sanvidhanaya .

- Asian Tribune -

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