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Memoirs of a Counter-Rebel Spy in London - PART VII: The British Arms Deals

By Glen Jenvey - Exclusive to "Asian Tribune"
Edited By - Joseph Thavaraja

Sri Lankans were fighting terrorism at that time with no help from the west.

The rebels meanwhile seemed to have friends in many other rebel groups. The PKK is a Turkish terrorist group based in London. Contacts between Islamic groups and LTTE were made within prisons.

I first came across it when I was asked by my boss in the SIS to attend and film a refugee demo in London. The British government wanted to get tough on refugees in the UK and the Communist Party was advertising a demonstration –I was to attend and meet other LTTE followers and take photos of them.

The demo was an eye opener –Though it was a demo for refugees by the Socialist Workers and Communist Party, it was full of different terrorist groups - Islamic and non Islamic.. I soon had a bag-full of leaflets from different rebel groups.

One such group was the PKK who had close links with both the IRA and the LTTE. The IRA were on the march selling Republican News and handing out IRA leaflets. The PKK were just ahead. Upon flashing a few copies of LTTE press statements, all posed for photos with me.

Another LTTE group were made up of some Labor Party members from up north who I had never seen before -They did not like their photo being taken. Some of these Labor MPs had given speeches to LTTE conferences in the past;

The PKK asked me to attend their private meeting that week and explained about their past relationship with the LTTE. I decided that I did not want to know more. What was amazing was no one was seeing the patterns of their trade in arms, banking, and in the rebel's case, shipping.

The embassies I was faxing never knew that I was also working for Sri Lankans. They never passed the details being faxed to them to their counterparts in Sri Lanka.

I found the Russian military attaché I was in contact with 'very helpful'. Russians quietly reported the LTTE press statements to Sri Lankans.

When the British Labour Government banned weapons sales to Sri Lanka due to rebels' requests and their money being pumped into the Labour Party, I decided to change the British stance.

I was able to pass on these details to a certain Russian Arms firm which put my boss in contact with another ex-soviet arms firm that sold massive amounts of weapons straight-away: Way cheaper than the British.

Based on this bitter experience, I was later able to successfully consult an Indian diplomat who was structuring a massive –a billion Pounds worth - deal many years later.

My advice to the Indian diplomat: Get the contract airtight first before proceeding any further with the British!

I think I know which British MP was behind blocking the Sri Lankan deal, since as an LTTE press officer, I had contacts with Robin Cook MP and Andrew Hood (Former Special Adviser to Robin Cook at the Foreign Office). I witnessed the duo's performance when they were working on the Arms to Iraq Policy which was the biggest cover-up in British arms deals history simply because the weapons that gassed the Kurds later were 'western made'.

I also had been to Southern Iran and visited the areas where the Iran - Iraq war took place.. The destruction and the devastating effects of western weapons were not easy to describe.

The most moving story I was told was of 'the rustling burst from the tanks on the border… the Gas attack's used against the Iranians by Iraq…'

The ammunition supplies in this operation came from Arms Companies of a western origin…

On Sunday February 2003, the Sunday Herald (Scotland) revealed that 17 British companies who supplied Iraq with nuclear, biological, chemical, rocket and conventional weapons are to be investigated. The report added: "One of the companies is International Military Services, a part of the Ministry of Defense, which sold rocket technology to Iraq…

Among them the UK firm "MEED International" which had sold both nuclear and chemical weapons to Iraq..!

(To be continued)

- Asian Tribune –

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