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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 75

The rockiness of Rock

From Mallika Wanigasundara

The government of Sri Lanka [GOSL] has written to Radhikha Coomaraswamy, UN Secretary General’s Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict requesting her to provide the government with ‘strong and credible evidence’ that the security forces had a hand in the recruitment of children for the breakaway Karuna faction.

The statement by Allan Rock , Special Adviser to the UN , Special Representative to Sri Lanka on Children and Armed conflict , that ‘certain elements of the government’s security forces were sometimes participating in abductions and forced recruitment of children in Eastern Batticaloa while supporting the Karuna faction’ has come into a huge political storm and newspaper blizzard.

Quite obviously Coomaraswamy would have had a say in the choice of Rock and if so did she not know that Allan Rock and his Liberal Party were biased in favour of the LTTE and in the debt of pro-LTTE voters in Toronto?

The security forces and the GOSL have strongly denied these allegations, unsubstantiated by credible evidence and based on gossip and hearsay. Several writers to the local newspapers have taken the stuffing out of Rock, who has made these flabby allegations.

A writer by the name of Dharma, obviously from Canada, writing to the "Island" of Nov.2006 in an letter under the heading ‘Allan Rock’s quid pro quo’ says that Ontario where Toronto is located happens to be the prize in the elections. After 1983 many Tamils settled there and along with other minorities, they have been able to sway the elections in fifteen or more constituencies.

Paul Martin and Maria Minna, Ministers of the Federal government attended a Tiger banquet before the Federal elections despite warnings by the Intelligence wing of the RCMP that the LTTE were a terror outfit.The Liberals won and Paul Martin and Maria Minna continued as Ministers and Allan rock was appointed as Justice Minister.

The Liberals were in debt to the Tigers and the government turned a blind eye at Tiger extortions for the LTTE war chest.The Canadian media went to town on Tiger depradations, but Allan Rock as Justice Minister neither saw nor heard. He is now a UN Special Envoy.

Such persons, says Dharma, carry their past baggage of roots, biases, prejudices and preferences to the entrance to the UN.

He recommends that readers read the chapter on the Snow Tiger in a book entitled Cold Terror-How Canada nurtures and exports terrorism around the world by Stewart Bell published by John Wiley and Sons Canada.

The 'Real Women of Canada' wrote to the "Daily News" on Nov 20 2006 on ‘Allan Rock’s marijuana garden’ They classify him as being disaster personified, and believe that he does not understand that power is not absolute and that may be he has poor judgment.

One of his recent flops is his enthusiastic undertaking to grow pot for government medical research, when the standard product could be obtained from the US for medical trials.This followed an ill-advised Ontario Court of Appeal verdict that marijuana should be freely available for medical research.There was no proof that pot had medical benefits and it was ignored that free use could have grave medical complications.

Rock then Minister of Health, jumped on the Ontario decision. amended the regulations to enable people to grow their own pot.He opened a plot in an abandoned copper mine in Flin Flon Manitoaba at a cost of dollars 5.75 million.

Seeds could not be acquired from the US. Seeds seized by the police were used.

It was a flop. In his role as Justice Minister Rock was heavily involved in bringing about the gun registry. The program was plagued by cost overruns and is rumoured to be one the reasons for the failure of his leadership bid. His department was involved in the Airbus affair which ended in a public apology and dollars 2,000,000 settlement to Brian Mulroney.

Malin Abeytunga writing to the "Island" on Nov 23 2006 from Australia indicts him on his total bias towards the LTTE by his actions – [1] by attending LTTE fund raising events [2]Being in the forefront of protests against the banning of the LTTE.
[3] His mandate was to investigate LTTE child recruitment, but he deviated from this and found a link between the government and the Karuna faction.

He should be sacked, says Malin.

Asoka Weerasinghe of Canada says in the Daily News of Nov 23 2006 : You flew to Colombo with negative baggage. Liberal Parliamentarians look the other way while tigers collect two million dollars a month. In return Liberals got 100,000 votes to elect ten Liberals in the greater Toronto ridings.

In 2005 S P Tamilchelvan gave Canada a dubious honor by saying that ‘Canada is our greatest ally’. Do you know what the Tamil translators would have done to hood wink you against the security forces. Malin referred to an instance in Canada where a translator took 40 minutes to translate a three line answer.

Neville de Silva writing in the ‘Sunday Times’ of Nov 26 2006 asks: Why is it thought that only persons from the West are eligible for such assignments? Is the UN or those who work for it burdened by some colonial obsequiousness, that such assignments should go to Western individuals even though the western record on human rights is not lily white?

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