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VIGIL – UK anti-terrorists organization to take action against Tamil Tigers in European court and UN.

London, 03 December, ( VIGIL - a London based anti-terrorists organization, will launch a two pronged attack on the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam: (1) Initiate legal action in the European court to make the Governments in the European Union to implement effectively and rigorously the anti-terrorists laws against the LTTE; (2) to pressure Britain to take all necessary steps that would list the LTTE as a terrorist organization under the Counter Terrorism Committee of the UN Security Council.Dominic Whiteman of the VIGIL  with Patrick Mercer MP who is the shadow Minister for Homeland SecurityDominic Whiteman of the VIGIL with Patrick Mercer MP who is the shadow Minister for Homeland Security

This is a first time that a civil society organization in the West has initiated legal and political actions against the terrorists’ activities of the LTTE.

Spokesman for the VIGIL said, "As we are working with British political parties we are confident Britain will take appropriate action in reporting LTTE to the Counter Terrorism Committee of the UN Security Council."

VIGIL is a non-profit, non-political group of experts covering various fields of expertise who have voluntarily joined forces – after in depth background verification – to help the relevant authorities thwart terrorist entities.

According to Dominic Whiteman, spokesman, director and one of the founder members of the organization, VIGIL was formed after 7/7 2005 - when the British underground trains were blown up by the terrorists.

In an exclusive interview with "Asian Tribune," Dominic Whiteman said that VIGIL’s main task is intelligence gathering and their main focus is on Islamic terrorism in Britain mainly against Al Mujahirouna and Hizab ut Tahrir.

VIGIL also focuses on the LTTE, North Korea and Iraq.

Dominic Whiteman highlighting some of the activities of VIGIL said that they on the evening of 14 November BBC Radio 4 and BBC2 "News-night" broadcast documentaries on the radicalization in Britain by Muslim extremists.

These documentaries highlighted that Hizb ut Tahrir is directly linked to gang violence and other crime across the UK. This broadcast exposed Hizb ut Tahrir as a group going to great lengths - in terms of propaganda expense and national media coverage - to brainwash Britain's youths.

Whiteman said that they are at present working on a documentary to expose the LTTE for another TV network.

When "Asian Tribune" asked why VIGIL is focusing on the LTTE, Dominic Whiteman explained as follows:

In Britain the anti-terrorists laws have not been implemented effectively. We have been focusing on the LTTE to prove that the anti-terrorists laws have not been implemented effectively. LTTE was banned in 2001.

Since 2001 LTTE has grown in Britain and its fund raising activities are very successful over here.

Also LTTE does not get much attention from the British Police. Police here simply turn a blind eye, because they are now more focused on Muslims and Islamic terrorism.

VIGIL research into LTTE activities in Britain has proved the full force of the law is not applied to curb or eliminate the terrorists’ activities of the LTTE.

Even the recent amendments to terrorists’ laws have not had any impact on curtailing the activities of the LTTE.

On of the main purposes of VIGIL’s action is to hold individuals and the key officials of the terrorists’ organizations accountable when the terrorists group is banned. The issue of holding subscribers and donors to terrorists’ organization too is under consideration.

At the heart of all terrorists’ organizations there are about 10 to 20 hardcore members. If effective and punitive actions taken against these hardcore members, then it is possible to make the organization dysfunctional.

It is sad to note that despite Britain passing laws against terrorism, violent organizations like LTTE are still thriving, collecting funds, carrying propaganda and plotting and planning to destabilize the democratically elected governments in Sri Lanka. This pattern of turning a blind eye to terrorism is visible also in other European countries.

Therefore VIGIL decided to initiate a Civil action against the LTTE in the European court. When we succeed in the European court it will open the Pandora’s box.

- Asian Tribune -

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