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Ban the LTTE now urges SPUR

Melbourne, 06 December, ( Negotiations, appeasement only strengthen the psychopaths while constant condemnation of endless terrorist acts is self-deceiving declares Australia based Society for Peace, Unity and Human Rights for Sri Lanka (SPUR) in a hard hitting appeal to the Sri Lanka’s President.

Ranjith Soysa, Spokesperson of the SPUR has urged Mahinda Rajapakse and the Government to Urgently Y ban the LTTE, as there is no other choice. The time has come to resolve and defeat the LTTE and their fronts in Sri Lanka.
In his statement Ranjit Soysa insists, "The first step in this process is to reimpose the ban on the LTTE."

Given below is the full text of the statement released by Ranjit Soysa, spokesperson of SPUR:

The Sri Lankan President and Government cannot be mere on lookers while the LTTE Terrorists continue with their agenda with the support of some of the members of the international community, the LTTE cells in the business Mafia in Colombo and the FNGO publicity network.

The condemnation of the recent attempt to assassinate Mr Gotabhya Rajapakse, the deaths of members of his personal guard and damage caused in a busy city location will be treated with a pinch of salt by the LTTE and their fronts. While these statements are good for the record, the world’s most brutal group of terrorists and their fronts will not be moved by them at all. As they don’t have the strength to launch a major offensive against the Defence forces, by this time they are busy studying why the attempt on Defence Secretary’s life was a failure, how the LTTE cadre underestimated the bravery of the Army Commander Sarath Foneska’s guards and the effective combination of these suicide killers who were successful in assassinating Gen Parami Kulatunga. Having done their homework, the LTTE suicide bombers are now getting ready for the next VIP target with the help of their Colombo network.

In this scenario, should the President and the Government of Sri Lanka pretend that everything is hunky-dory? Should the Nation believe that the Tamil Tiger Terrorists with the guidance of Nordic nations will, on hearing of statements issued and wishful thinking expressed therein, respond democratically?

What does the balance sheet of the Sri Lankan peace process and the lifting of the ban on the LTTE show?

• More than 2000 civilians killed or driven away from their villages on account of LTTE attacks.

• Nearly 1000 members of the Defence forces paying the supreme price in defending the Nation.

• Death of the Minister Lakshman Kadirgamr and Gen Parami Kulatunga.

• Periodic uncertainty in civilian life in the cities and other locations due to LTTE threats.

• Crippling of economic ventures such as tourism industry.

• Sri Lanka, as a country, at the receiving end of international cynicism.

• Sri Lankan people loosing confidence in democracy, pluralism and the international institutions.

• The LTTE front, the TRO becoming a leading fund collector for the LTTE while Norway continuing to fund the LTTE.

• Agents of the LTTE making use of the Sri Lanka peace process to purchase arms and despatch ship loads to Sri Lanka.

• International organisations donating funds to the LTTE ventures some including the foreign nations’ frequent discussions with the LTTE as a partner to the so-called peace process.

• Many incorrectly identifying the LTTE as the sole representative the of the Tamils.

• LTTE cells in Colombo to be active and helping the LTTE in harbouring killers, helping their movement and providing other logistics.

• Pro-LTTE publicity network in Colombo helping to whitewash the LTTE while undermining the Government by inviting foreign interference, intervention and nit picking.

• Growth of the power of FNGOs to interfere in Government’s national security and foreign aid budget with the help of Norway, Germany and other Western nations.

• Increase in the attempts of the LTTE lobby in India to intervene on behalf of the LTTE.

• Slow but steady under playing of LTTE’s terrorism and frequent faultfinding of democratically elected Sri Lankan Government’s right to protect its national interests.

Apart from the ‘absence of total war’, the damage inflicted on the country in the period after the LTTE was de-proscribed was colossal. Today, many air their views on LTTE chief’s November 27th speech and confirm that the LTTE will decide the day and the manner how they will commence “real war” with the Mahinda Rajapakse government. Any delay in banning the LTTE will only provide more opportunities to the LTTE cells in Colombo and their other fronts to plan more acts of sabotage.

If the Government decides to maintain the status quo of the LTTE, it will lead to more VIPs having to pay the supreme price or to be lucky to escape death from the suicide bombers. But, the fate of their security guards will be gloomier as they will be sitting ducks to the cyanide capsule wearing human bombs. In the meantime, the country and the people will die a thousand deaths while they wait and watch for the LTTE to create mayhem when they decide the time, the place and the crucial target.

We urge His Excellency Mahinda Rajapakse and the Government to Urgently Y ban the LTTE, as there is no other choice. The time has come to resolve and defeat the LTTE and their fronts in Sri Lanka.

The first step in this process is to reimpose the ban on the LTTE.

- Asian Tribune -

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