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Australian Human Rights Commission dismisses complaint lodged against Asian Tribune

Sydney, 18 January, ( Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC) has dismissed a complaint lodged against the Asian Tribune by Ms Gaja Lakshmi Paramasivam on the grounds of "lacking in substance."

She had "alleged racial discrimination in the provision of goods and services within the meaning of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975". HREOC dismissed her complaint saying: "Having considered all the information she has provided to date, I am satisfied that Ms Paramasivam's complaint is lacking in substance."

Her complaint was based on the rejection of her comments by the Administrator of the Asian Tribune who wrote:

Submitted by Gaja on Tue, 2006-06-27 06:25.

Ms. Gaja, It seems that you have so many personal problems. You have a habit of making use of the forums to air your personal problems

Kindly don't make use of the Asian Tribune forum to wash your dirty linen.

If you persist airing your problems in the guise of making comments to the news items posted in Asian Tribune,then we may have to remove your membership in our forum.


Ms. Paramasivam responded by saying: "I challenge you to do so and face the consequences."

Shehas a history of complaining regularly. The following complaint against Caritasis typical of her string of complaints. When the AsianTribune reported Duncan MacLaren,Secretary General of Caritas Internationalis of saying:"Weare here (in Colombo) in solidarity with all those who believe inpeace (in Sri Lanka), a peace with justice that is promoted through dialogue between human beings, not through the barrel of a gun," she responded with the following comments:


I am a victim of Caritas here in Sydney, Australia. On 06 May 2005, I was sent to Caritas by the Courts, for an assessment. The doctor in charge threatened me with enforced medication and suggested that I ought to take instructions from my husband and children. I had to pray hard to get myself out of the situation and urged the medical team to contact my husband on the phone. This was done and my husband informed them as to how highly I was valued by the Medical Faculty of the University of New South Wales, and referred them to the Dean of Medicine -Professor Bruce Dowton who gave a glowing reference about me on the basis of my work. I believe that if not for that Goodwill from Professor Dowton, I would have been more traumatized that night at Caritas. I was taken back to Mulawa prison which felt heavenly after this ordeal. There I was placed with mentally ill inmates and I decided not to eat any food except fruits - which I felt were safe - in case they sought to enforce medication. I later learnt from another inmate that they do inject medication if you are disobedient.

What authority does Caritas have tot ake a higher position in Peace Development than the fighters / workers at the coalface?

Her comments on other issues to ran in a similar vein.

Editor's comments : No comment.

- Asian Tribune -

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