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Mamun's Khwab and TATA deal

By Sunita Paul

Most hated and corrupt name in Bangladesh, Giasuddin Al-Mamun has become fabulously rich by limitless corruption and abusing power of being the friend of Tareq Rahman. And most interestingly, this notorious man even does not care in showing his evilly earned wealthy face to the Bangladeshi nation, because he continues to get sympathy and support from ruling party’s senior joint secretary general and Prime Minister’s son, Tareq Rahman.

Clippings from Dhaka’s press would evidently prove the amount of money this swindler has bagged during BNP’s rule. Dhaka’s leading English newspaper The Daily Star, reported on 15th May 2004 that Tarique Rahman's friend Giasuddin Al Mamun's has built a palatial pleasure house named Khwab (Dream in Arabic) in city’s suburb with a huge amount of money.

Locals whisper as to what went on at the imposing house in South Chhayabithi posh area visited by Mamun and many top-level officials, who come in luxurious cars, once or twice a month and hold nightlong parties.

"We felt something ominous going on inside since we know Mamun as a sidekick of Tarique Rahman and an alleged significant player in the control of different industries, postings, transfers and contracts," a local shopkeeper said.

Commenting on the house, Mamun, who is believed to be the second-in-command of ruling BNP's alternative powerhouse Hawa Bhaban, locally known as Juboraj (Prince), said: "I used to go to Khwab occasionally to pass vacation and let my foreign delegates use the top floor."

The ritzy house on road No. 4 in Chhayabithi that engineers estimate has taken about Tk 80 million to build still stands out in the posh area, outshining surrounding modern buildings.

Commenting on this house, a staff said, "I don't understand why sir (Mamun) has spent so much money on this imposing house. He and his friends come here only once or twice a month."

A few hundred workers toiled one and a half years to complete the three-storey house on eight kathas, about 2 km southeast of Gazipur town. Its walls are covered with specially made terracotta tiles and a large part of the first and second floors rest on two large steel-coated beams. The duplex house is centrally air-conditioned and full of foreign fittings.

"Entering through the wide entrance that displays awe-inspiring modern architecture, a visitor would be amazed to see two walls made of decorative glass, dazzling furniture in the drawing room and foreign fittings in the kitchen. All of them are now damaged," he said.

There is also a bedroom and a garage on the ground floor. A stone staircase with railings of steel and decorative glass leads a visitor to the first floor where there are four bedrooms, two kitchens and a large balcony.

Another stair runs to the second floor and the roof. There is a gallery and a small garden on the rooftop.

This is just one example of wastage of money by a corrupt man. Very recently, Mamun established a private television channel named ‘One’ with an investment of US$ 7 million.

He is the managing director of this company, while some others are holding stakes of shares. From the very inception of this channel, Mamun and his men spread rumors in Bangladesh stating this channel is actually owned by Tareq Rahman, although in reality Mr. Rahman is neither a share holder nor director in this project. Shrewd Mamun did it intentionally for getting benefits from the administration and the potential advertisers.

Existing rules and regulations in Bangladesh, for issuance of broadcast license was also ignored and violated while issuing license to Channel One.

In recent days, this channel is showing a special program (during the late news) favoring deal with Indian Tata. It was revealed that Mamun has entered into a secret deal with this Indian company for advocating in their favor for which he will receive more than 50 million dollars, directly and indirectly.

Moreover, because of his close but hidden links with Indian intelligence, Mamun is now desperately trying as well using his recently commenced television channel to promote the agreement between Tata and Bangladesh government, although, according to economists, this proposed agreement is still very much against the interest of Bangladesh.

- INS + Asian Tribune -

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