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Maniac Messiahs – a poem on bloodshed and terrorists by Stephen Gill

Stephen Gill, a poet laureate presented his poetry against bloodshed and terrorists at Gloucester Spoken Art, as feature poet, on February 18th. He selected two poems from each of his collection and three from his forthcoming long poem, The Flame, divided into several cantos. Gloucester Spoken Art has been encouraging poets and story writers with the help of Gloucester City, Ontario, for the last twelve years. Readings are coordinated by Asoka Weerasinghe, a poet of repute, who has authored several collections of poems. He was born in Sri Lanka.

Stephen Gill shared the stage with Mindy Woolcott, a storyteller from Ottawa.

Given below one of his poems on bloodshed and terrorists read at the Gloucester Spoken Art:

Maniac Messiahs

Car bombs, mobility, Poet laureate Stephen GillPoet laureate Stephen Gill
might and brutality
have become the toys of robots.
They know how and when
to free their unfed tigers
from the cages of depravity
to stifle democracy.

With knowledge,
easy money and weight
they become maniac messiahs
to snuff out the flickers of the inner blaze.
Breathing the stink
of the ferocity for pastime
they still the nightingale of freedoms
uprooting the tree where she sings.

They smash the welcoming doors.
Shafts of steel
encased in the tomb of the corpses
they warble in the smoky bar
of their self-glory
digging ditches for agonies.
Spreading a carpet for paralyzing fear
they mangle mothers
and wives.

With a repulsive pump
they inflate the balloons
of their willful delusions
to soar
above the unexpected heights.
They do not see
opening to the sky
as does a butterfly.

They lead governments
for more road blocks
metal detectors
bomb sniffing dogs
and fresh looks at newcomers.
Eerie paths of their pleasures
shape public opinions to accept unhappily
surveillance cameras
and electronic screening.

Their relentless pursuits
to grab the crown of chaos
swim political pendulums
to promote quick deportations
and wiretappings.
Their hostile feuds
with human rights
forces regimes to extend
easy arrests.

In the plutonium trade
smuggles are more likely
by these dukes of fruitless longing.
In the windowless cells
of anarchistic gospel
they prepare terror
with the weeds of ignorance
on the fire of savagery
in the pots sooted by conceit..
Citizens of peace
robots cannot be bridled
even from the fortified bunkers.
Lament from the top of your shelters
because freedoms
cannot be defended now
by the mightiest armies.

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