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Khudaon Ki Duniya (World of Gods) - Thematic Concern of the Poems

Poet Prabhat Kumar ‘Sarwar’ Lakhnavi

We were born as human beings but gradually became Hindu, Christian, Sikh and Muslim and subsequently further divided into various sects. Now we have reached at such a stage where we have completely forgotten that we were ever humans, are humans and will remain as humans. Not only this, as and when we got divided, we established for ourselves various religions and Gods for each religion, faith, rules and practices were formulated, with the result that those religions, their respective Gods, rituals and traditions became deeply rooted in us. Then, we commenced to fight amongst ourselves and began to kill each other, even we started burning each other alive.

Hui faujdari Khudaon ke ghar,
Haqeeqat mein jo ho fasane mein hum.
Mohabbat nein uski Karen qatl ab,
Lagein hain sabaq ye padhaney mein hum.

(There was bloodshed in the house of Gods.
Whatever be the truth, but on heresay
To kill humans for his love
Is the lesson we are teaching.)

When we think to get ourselves liberated from these fights relating to Gods and religion, we are unable to find any way out because these principles and rules of these religions have enslaved us and we are unable to get out of this, because we believe that these principles and rules are made by God not by men. So how can we break them and even if we dare to do so then people begin to object and we also feel afraid in cracking them for God may become unhappy and we may be cursed. Here it is necessary to understand that if somebody says that this is God and he has made these principles and rules we accept them as true and start following them. There is difference between accepting a thing and knowing it. We have to think whether the accepted beliefs are true or that which is real.

The important thing is that every religion has one primal truth, which is called as absolute truth. According to this there as many Gods and truths as there are religions formulated and described by men.

Have we ever thought that man has limited individuality and accordingly his thinking and understanding is also limited. Man can neither know nor understand everything. Which clears that one limited can not define or know the unlimited God.

Insaan ki aql toh chhoti hai Bhagwan se koi mail nahin,
Insaan ki baton ko uska farman samajh kar baithey hain.


(Human beings can not match Gods intellect,
Yet they take men’s words for his edict.)

There is one more question arises on the religions and world of the Gods.

Jitne bhi hain mazhab duniya mein utne hi khuda maujood yahan,
Asli hai yahan par kaun khuda isko toh batana mushkil hai.

(As many Gods exists as there are religions,
Which one is real it is difficult to say.)

Human race has developed this much faith on religions and Gods that there is no way to come out of this.

Daava hai yahi har mazhab ka uska hi khuda bas hai asli,
Insaan phansa hai uljhan mein lagta hai chuddhana mushkil hai.

(Only its God is real is each religion’s claim,
To get people out of this fix seems difficult.)

Now a days, the world is in grip of terrorism and religion-linked violence. To overcome this a new vision is needed and we have to live with that.

Purani ravayat hatao toh jaanein,
Khudaon se daaman chhudao toh jaanein.
Banaya hai tumne fatishtey ko shaitan,
Isey phir farishta banao toh jaanein.

(Reject these old beliefs, I challenge,
Release us from clutches of Gods I challenge.
You have made an angel Satan,
Make him an angel again, I challenge.)

Today’s need is this that we must understand we are not Hindu, Muslim or Christian, but human beings and humanity is our religion.

Jisko banaya khud usey bhagwan kya kahein,
Karney ko hum duaon ki imaan kya kahein.
Insaan sirf insaan rahjey ga kahein bhi ho,
Hindu isai aur musalman kya kahein.


(Why call our own creation God ?
Why call our prayers faith ?
A human being will only be human,
Why call him Hindu, Christian or Muslim ?)

Presently human race is doing this in the world :

Khudaon se karke dua hum sabhi,
Jahan ko batatey hain kafir hain hum.

(By offering prayers to different Gods,
We show the world our lack of belief.)

- Asian Tribune -

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