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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 82

India should send army to Sri Lanka to bring about peace - Eelam National Democratic Liberation Front

Chennai, 09 March, ( All political parties in Tamil Nadu should urge and exert pressure on the Indian Government to send Army to Sri Lanka to bring about peace in the war torn island nation.

Appeal seeking Indian military intervention was made by the International representatives of the Eelam National Democratic Liberation Front (ENDLF) at a media conference held yesterday at Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

The ENDLF international representatives met the media personnel yesterday and revealed that they intend to meet the leaders of all the political parties in India and brief them of the tense situation prevailing in Sri Lanka and also appealed to them of the urgent need for India’s military intervention in the country.

ENDLF international representatives, Nesan, Ramraj, Jenny and Vassekaran, from Australia, UK, France and Canada respectively, who are also the central committee members of the outfit, held the media meet in Chennai and briefed the prevailing explosive situation in Sri Lanka.

When asked about the absence of the ENDLF president Gnanasekaran, it was disclosed that though he was in India; he could not attend the media briefing due to his security concerns.

The ENDLF to date is a registered political party with the Sri Lanka Election Commission. It was part of the first elected Northeast Provincial Council formed after the Indo-Lankan Accord.

Subsequently, when the Indian Army left the shores of Sri Lanka in March 1990, ENDLF leaders also left the country.

According to ENDLF sources they left Sri Lanka due to the then prevailing hostile atmosphere under Sri Lanka President Ranatunga Premadasa’s pro-LTTE administration during the initial days, after the departure of the Indian Army.

At the media meet it was revealed that with the view to run a protracted battle, Sri Lankan Government has started purchasing Tanks, fighter planes and other military hardware worth more than USD 200 million from Pakistan.

If in case Government of Sri Lanka through its Army might managed to defeat the LTTE , then it would try to thrust on the Tamil people a political package to appease the international community, that may not address the aspirations of the Tamils and bring a complete solution to the ethnic issues, ENDLF representatives their expressed concern at the media briefing.

Stating that the Sri Lankan Government was closing in on Vanni for a final war, they revealed that Sri Lanka would push for a ‘victor’s justice’ if LTTE was defeated.

Doubts were raised that through a successful military campaign the present Sri Lanka Government intend to take measures to fully wipe out the Tamils and do away with their ethnic distinctiveness and individuality.

Contending that the ENDLF was not for the elimination of LTTE, however they said, India should intervene fast to protect Eelam Tamils.

When asked whether the Sri Lankan Tamils would welcome the Indian military intervention in Sri Lanka, ENDLF representatives told that Tamils in Sri Lanka consider India as their motherland and some bitter and irritant experiences that emerged earlier, by now were put behind by them.

Furthermore they pointed out that the Tamil National Alliance, the proxy LTTE party, said to be the mouthpiece of the LTTE has also sought India’s direct intervention in Sri Lanka.

- Asian Tribune -

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