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Hated Mamun continues to swallow Bangladesh

By Sunita Paul

Bangladesh is now under the sharp jaws of a hated man named Giasuddin Al-Mamun, who is certainly doing everything to simply put the country’s economy and face in international arena into dock. Everyone knows about this nasty Mamun, but, possibly in today’s Bangladesh, there isn’t anyone in the small South Asian nation with the guts to even express anger openly against this man, because he continues to get support and patronization of some very influential figures in country’s politics. This man has virtually placed the image of Khaleda Zia’s political office, Hawa Bhaban into worst ever criticism.

Political opponents of Ms. Zia are raising fingers at this infamous building saying, it was involved in cashing millions of dollars through politicized transfer of officials, taking kick backs from business deals and what not. In an interview with Prothom Alo, the largest vernacular daily in Dhaka, hated Mamun said, he is a friend of Prime Minister’s son, Tareq Rahman for 25 years, and he will remain his friend for life. There is although some justification behind such comments by this extremely greedy man.

This connection or relations has made him a neo-billionaire from a virtual street beggar. His father and fore fathers could even never imagine of owning such huge amount of wealth, who lived in extreme poverty. Let us look into the past of this man. His wife, after giving birth to their first child could not even manage to buy milk, and Tareq had to steal money from his father’s wallet to save the life of this new born baby. Although many might judge such stealing by Tareq in negative way, but as a human being, possibly this was the only option for the young-honest general’s son to save the life of an innocent baby.

So, I should rather express my admiration for Tareq for whatever he did to help his poor friend. But, does Mamun remember that greatness of General Zia’s family? Certainly, honesty or gratitude is not the word for Mamun, who is actually a snake in Tareq’s cuff. Many people would raise a question as to why Tareq could not stop Mamun from looting the wealth of Bangladesh thus putting his family’s political fate into extreme adversity.

Possibly, even Tareq could hardly believe that his dear friend, who actually should have been grateful to him to the last drop of his blood, is simply a rascal. People like Mamun really do not have any moral character at all. They all know the only word “money”. They can sell their father, mother, wife and even their own entity to money. Friendship is a mere plea for them to materialize their shameless luster. Should Mamun be not a friend of Tareq Rahman, he would have been by now a loader at Dhaka’s river port at the best. It could have been even worst. He really does not have the quality to become a multi-millionaire. But, this was his luck to know Tareq, which turned yesterday’s pauper Mamun into one of the richest men in Bangladesh today.

Many would raise eye brews to read my comments, as I am a Hindu and from India. But, many would miss one point. I am a Christian by faith and my spouse is a German and we live in The United States for past 70 years. My father was an activist in Bangladesh’s liberation war in 1971. We all (freedom fighters) were dreaming of seeing a real prosperous Bangladesh (the only independent country for the Bangla speaking population).

This is why; it makes me sad and angry to see that, the country of our dream is now in the hands of some culprits and swindlers like Giasuddin Al-Mamun. These elements are even worst than those Pakistani occupation forces. To them Bangladesh is a country of minting money, one way or the other. Morality and patriotism has no value to them, because, possibly they even never learnt such nobility from their father. I really don’t know, if the mighty Bengalis will take weapon once again to free their motherland from the claws of these nasty animals. When the war of independence broke in Bangladesh, it was the Bengali nation, who was rather comparatively weaker in force in front of Pakistani army.

But, they were finally victorious. Possibly, Bangladesh is protected by a divine force. And, who knows, if the same divine entity will once again interfere directly in crushing the ugly mambas like Mamun. Who knows, a natural tsunami might wash away the entire Mamun Empire into the deep waters of Bay of Bengal.

But, I am really certain about that. I can foresee, rather can visualize the fate of this nasty man and others of his kind. They possibly are standing on a dormant volcano, which would anytime erupt and burn them into ash.

Being in the most powerful country in the world, we can really see here, how the powerful people in Washington look at the limitless corruption by a hand picked people in Bangladesh. I met a person from Bangladeshi intelligence at a high society party in Washington DC, a few months back. That person told me that, even they have prepared a list of wealth and misdeeds of Giasuddin Al-Mamun and was rather surprised to see the amount, this nasty hated man has accrued in past several years. Does Mamun remember the fate of Marcos, Estrada or other corrupt people in the world? They even could not imagine in their wildest dream that one day, their evil earned wealth would just disappear and they would be thrown into severe adversity.

Many of my friends here do not want to believe, but I know for sure, a set of Manila rope is already produced to fit the neck of Mamun. Should any Bangladeshi raise the question as to who would bell the cat? I shall just give them a clue. If you can see the cat and the bell, there is surely someone, who is ready to tie the bell on the neck of the cat. Take my words! Just soon, Dhaka’s dailies will publish the news of Mamun’s execution with bold headlines.

I rather suspect (actually I am sure), the destruction of Mamun empire will be a grand event in Bangladesh, which will be covered by major international medias; which I can watch sitting right in USA. If Tareq will continue to tolerate and spare Mamun, history will take its own course. And, I can assure that!

May God bless Bangladesh and the people of this wonderful country and protect from those ‘hated animals’.

- International News Service -

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