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Tiger Soosai outlines the strategy of his Leader’s war plans

After returning the stretched arm Nazi-style salute at the passing out parade of People’s Army cadre Col. Soosai, the Special Commander of the Sea Tigers, announced the next stage of the coming war. He said: “It will be a blitzkrieg, a sudden and swift simultaneous attack to redeem our entire Tamil homeland in the North and East. We would not adopt the earlier method of fighting to redeem it inch by inch.”

He was addressing the passing out parade of the Peoples’ Army’s defence training held at Puthukudiyiruppu in the Mullaithievu district last Sunday. His brother-in-law Colonel T.Ramesh, was beside him.

Soosai speaksSoosai speaksIn his address to the first group of civilians trained to bear arms he said that the civilians trained to fight in the People’s Army would soon deliver a very important message to the world.

“You have successfully completed this ten-day training,” he said. “In joining the People’s Army you have given up all your other interests and accepted the fact that there would be life only if we resist. This is the first course of action that is going to determine the final victory of our struggle for Tamil Eelam,” he announced.

“1999 was a decisive period for us. The enemy mobilized 30,000 soldiers and launched the army campaign named “Jayasikura” (Victory assured). A large part of Vanni fell into the hands of the enemy. Their plan was to seize the entire Vanni and open up the main Kandy to Jaffna route and finally finish off the Tamil Eela Liberation Tigers once and for all.

“In that campaign 300,000 people worked side by side with us in our fight to capture Vanni. About 10,000 border forces mobilized from all over joined hands with us. But today, from Puthukudiyiruppu alone 10,000 people participated and completed the first phase of their training.

“In that campaign 10,000 people joined the border forces and received training from us. They fought along with the Tigers in the “Unceasing Waves 3” to redeem the Vanni areas seized by the enemy. We managed to redeem a large swathe of land and the enemy gave up the military campaign.

“Not all the 10,000 borders forces were dead. With the martyrdom of 281 border force cadres, we were able to extend our territory beyond the areas that were within our control. This was made possible under the direction of our Leader.

“Today we are in the same critical situation.

“With the encouragement received by the European ban and along with the Mahinda’s Chinathanaya designed to retrieve the lands under our control, the enemy is quietly undertaking their moves.

“If you daily listen to the “Voice of the Tigers,” or else read news in our dailies, you will come to know that an average of 6 to 7 civilians is being killed daily. Our own kith and kin are being killed every day. There seem to be little or no value attached to human life. Death of human beings has become just another event.

“After returning from the Geneva talks, the death toll of our people has exceeded 200 in number.

“We have shown as much goodwill as possible in the past four and a half years. But today without even taking into consideration the death of our people, the death of our Tamil speaking kith and kin, the European Union has totally banned the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam who fight for Tamil Eelam as the representatives of the Tamil People.

“There is no need to be worried about this ban. In 1987 after the signing of the Indo – Lanka Agreement and when Indian Army became an occupying army there were less than 2000 liberation Tigers cadres. Those are the 2000 cadres who fought the occupation of the Indian army under our Leader.

“When that occupying force came forward to decimate the Liberation Tigers these are the very people who stood shoulder to shoulder with the Liberation Tigers and chased the Indian Army away. They revealed the determined fighting spirit of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam to the whole world.

“With only two thousand Tiger cadres our leader directed the operations from Manalaraau, against the 4th superpower in the world and defeated them. We don’t have to be worried about the superpowers.

“The European Union can ban, but that ban is of no importance to us.

“Europeans came to Sri Lanka in the year 1505. Before the arrival of these Europeans, people were ruling themselves and were living comfortably. We lost our independence and our sovereignty only after the arrival of the Europeans. Today we are second grade citizens in this soil. We had a fond hope in the past four and a half years that justice would be served to us. We can’t expect anymore justice from them.

“When the Indian Army tried to surround us, the LTTE cadres who operated from the Vanni in 1999 stood shoulder to shoulder with our leader. The people functioned as border forces and were instrumental in achieving the great success in our struggle.

“In 2000, we only mobilized 600 women and 600 men, a total of 1200 of our cadres from Vettilaikerni up to Mamunai.

“The Tiger force of 1200 was sent under Commander – Balraj, Commander Vithusha and Commander Thurkkha. An infantry battalion of 800 under the command of our Cammander Veeran was posted along our borders. Within a period of one month the enemies’ march was shattered and we were able to redeem a large swathe of land. You may aware of the way we leapt forward in that assault.

“Today after the lapse of five years the international community has offered its blessings to Sri Lanka to launch its attack.

International community is only offering mere words. There is no substance behind these words.

“When the Monitoring Mission Head met me at Mullaithievu he told us that they haven’t provided funds to Sri Lanka for the purchase of any military hardware. He said that fund was provided to obtain the basic needs of the people and only for their economic wellbeing.

“We told him kindly, halt your mumblings. During this peace period alone you have directly provided a war ship from America and another war ship called “Sayura” to them from India. He became silent after that.

“Those countries in the European Union are like “oxen” watching the liberation struggle.

“The Sinhalese will not understand when you say something normally, but if you make the Sinhalese to understand in the proper way then he will begin to understand.

“Not only the successive Governments and its leaders, but also even the Army commanders used to nurture a form of a fond-hope that they may be able to launch a military campaign and win over the battle within their stipulated five year period. Mahinda Rajapakse too has now begun to nurture a similar fond-hope
“It should be noted that we managed to redeem the land area from Vettilaikerni up to Mamunai with a cadre of only 2000. Similarly, in this coming campaign -- the ultimate war -- our Leader intends to launch once and for all, a military campaign in such a way to bring this issue to a final conclusion instead of fighting to redeem land inch by inch.”

“Are you the people ready to fulfill the wishes of our Leader?” he asked.

The congregation shouted in a chorus – “Yes we are ready!”

“There will be no more fighting in pieces and in installments. Our Leader’s plan is to launch a campaign simultaneously in the North and East which should redeem our homeland.

“To fulfill the Leaders scheme of action, similar training camps will be staged. This People’s Force – the Auxiliary force of the Tigers -- must come forward to strengthen the Leader’s hands.

“Before enemy start the war against us, we must dismantle his positions and redeem our land. This is the best course of action.

“Instead of waiting for the enemy to launch the war we would have to take the initiative and take on the enemy. The best course of action is for us to leap forward and confront our enemy who is occupying us at present. We can succeed only through such a course of action.

“Our Leader will never say anything in words. He makes his intentions known through his actions. This is what he likes. The killing of the people daily is making our Leaders heart to twist in pain. As a fast relief to ease the pain he is ever ready to redeem our land and the people as quick as possible.

“Youths! Young Ladies! Mothers and Fathers! !

“By strengthening the Liberation Tigers to attack the enemy before the enemy leaps on us we would be able to achieve victory as quickly as possible. To launch that rapid headlong attack more Tigers are needed. We are moving into the final stage. At this stage Tamil nationals should come forward to march and fight as an auxiliary force, as a people force. If we continue to delay any further, it would have a serious impact on our campaign and create a critical situation for us.

“Today the laws are dictated to us by the enemy. If he in Puliyankulam and Muhamalai decides to close the “A-9 Road” it will be closed. If the enemy decides to open the road, it will be kept open. If the enemy wishes to allow kerosene to pass the checkpoints it will come to us. If it is banned, then we will not get it. We are already under innumerable pressures and economic sanctions. We cannot win these through talks. We have to break all these shackles to redeem our land. We all must come forward to strengthen our Leader’s hand.

“The thirst of the Tigers is the Tamil Eelam homeland,” concluded.

- Asian Tribune -

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