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Sri Lanka troops shoot and kill a suicide bomber seconds before he blew himself up killing all around

By Walter Jayawardhana

Colombo, 16 March, ( Sri Lanka Army troops shot and killed a Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) suicide bomber seconds before he could blow himself up killing scores of people around.

The suicide bomber, commonly known as a Black Tiger, who planned to blow himself up and embraced a Sri Lanka Army soldier before he pulled a toggle fastened to his suicide jacket, was killed by the fast acting soldier saving the lives of dozens of civilians and soldiers at an army check point in the Northern Jaffna peninsula, an army spokesman said.

Army spokesman Lt. Col Upali Rajapaksa said the man killed by the army was wearing a suicide jacket lined with C4 explosives.

Sri Lankan Tamil group, the LTTE, also known as the Tamil Tigers are the world’s most sophisticated manufacturers of suicide jackets. The technology is also believed to have been sold to Al Qaeda which uses it openly in the Middle East.

The incident happened in Jaffna , the island’s main Tamil area , under the control of Sri Lanka government’s security forces , but , mixed up with the civilians, and from hide outs the LTTE operates.

The LTTE did not immediately respond to the incident or claim responsibility for the unsuccessful attempt.

Under a five year old Ceasefire agreement brokered by Norway armed personnel cannot enter the other’s area but the agreement has become a worthless piece of paper.

Individual suicide bombers and suicide trucks from time to time enter government controlled areas and blow themselves up killing civilians and armed personnel. On the fifth anniversary of the Ceasefire Agreement the LTTE officially announced it would fight for a separate state carved out of Sri Lanka despite the ceasefire.

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