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Norway admits failure in Oslo

Oslo, 09 June, ( The official press releases on the failed Oslo talks between the Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) and the LTTE convey the clear message that Norway has lost its grip on the Sri Lankan peace process.

Norway’s frustration is expressed in its press release which says: “After having accepted the Norwegian invitation, and after having arrived in Norway, the LTTE raised objections to the previously communicated intentions and modalities for the meeting. This was the reason for the meeting not being held.”
This is also an admission of Norway’s failure as a “facilitator”.

After giving the LTTE diplomatic cover, after giving financial and technical facilities, after giving a full licence for the LTTE agents to operate freely on Norwegian soil to terrorise Tamils in rival parties, after providing a safe haven in Europe for LTTE agents to raise funds and make Norway the conduit for laundering money collected in Europe and after adopting the LTTE as its protected protégé LTTE has turned round and kicked Norway in the teeth.

Eric SolheimEric SolheimNot only was Erik Solheim refused a meeting with Velupillai Prabhakaran when he last visited Vanni headquarters he has now failed even on his own soil to get the LTTE delegation to talk. As usual LTTE raised frivolous objections aimed at avoiding talks.

The LTTE informed prior to the 9 o’clock meeting this morning with the GOSL delegation that they would not come to the talks.

The LTTE delegation also announced that they have decided not to talk to any Swedish, Danish and Finish members of the SLMM. This is because these Nordic countries, who are members of the EU, joined in the ban that outlawed the LTTE.

S.P.TamilselvanS.P.TamilselvanDelegation leader S.P. Tamilselvan also complained to the journalists that he was disappointed the GOSL has sent a low level delegation to talk with him. The GOSL delegation pointed out the GOSL delegation was well known to the LTTE delegation prior to the departure from Sri Lanka and LTTE did not raise any objections to the GOSL delegates.

Sources in Oslo also pointed out that the LTTE delegation was disappointed about the choice of conference venue. The delegations were placed at Thorbjørnsrud Hotel 67 kilometres outside Oslo in the small village of Jevnaker.

The hotel has a very modern swimming pool, a Jacuzzi, a good kitchen; all rooms have minibar. Meeting rooms has all the necessary equipment. Official sources could not find any valid reason for their complaints.

One source said that after the high jinks in Bangkok, where Anton Balasingham accused Tamilselvan of spending his time in night clubs Solheim had chosen a hotel far away from the temptations in the nightlife in Oslo. The choice might have been a mistake since the LTTE delegation travelled into Oslo for meetings and entertainment.

Though the LTTE avoided meeting the GoSL delegation it sought and went out of their way to meet the former Prime Minister Bondevik.

Special appointments were made by the delegation to meet LTTE fundraisers in Europe who had landed in Norway to brief Tamilselvan. Norwegian sources state that the leading European LTTE agents met Thamilselvan to plan their
strategy for fund-raising and other activities following the EU ban. The Norwegian LTTE leader Yogaraja Balasingham has been the key facilitator in this unofficial LTTE program. Norwegian analysts monitoring LTTE activities say that Tamilselvan's meetings with LTTE leaders in Europe were more important than the official program prepared by the Norwegian Foreign Ministry.

The LTTE delegation main objectives on this trip have been secured.

1. Norway will continue to fund the LTTE in Sri Lanka and LTTE front organisations in Norway.

2. Norway promised not to outlaw the LTTE enabling the LTTE to channel the illegal raised funds in Norway to arms dealers World Wide.

3. The chief of the Norwegian Police Financial Crime Unit Mr. Einar Høgtveit told the newspaper “Dagavisen” Norway will not freeze the assets of the LTTE. . In the newspapers interview the Norwegian police chief confirmed the police have received complaints of LTTE extortion of Tamils in Norway but as long as the LTTE is not listed by the UN as a terrorist organisation he will not do anything to stop the LTTE fundraising.

4. The LTTE has sent a clear message to the Swedish, Finish and Danish SLMM employees they are to be ignored due to their decision to outlaw the LTTE.

5. The meetings with the European LTTE VIP’s has enabled the LTTE to make plans to reorganise the LTTE fundraising in Europe and channel the funds through Norway where the head of the Norwegian financial crime police is guaranteeing the safety of the LTTE funds

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