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Guilty Norway targets its citizens, Rovik, for exposing Norway's partisan role

Colombo, 20 April, (Asiantribune,com): Fearing a backlash from the seminar on "Norwegian support to the LTTE terrorists” scheduled to be held in Colombo today Norway has launched an attack on the keynote speaker Falk Rovik who has accused Norway of (1) financing Tamil Tiger terrorism; (2) training Tamil Tiger soldiers and Tamil Tigers of selling stolen Norwegian passports to Al Qaida

Erik Solheim, the Minister of International Development, considers Rovik as a new headache he has to face, according to Aftenposten, the Norwegian daily. Rovik's accusations of arming and financing the Tamil Tigers were confirmed even by Karuna. Erik Solheim just dismissed them as "lies" at the time. Karuna who was present at the negotiations between Solheim and Prabhakaran said that the Norwegian facilitator had taken Prabhakaran to a side and assured him of Norwegian support. As an insider in the Tiger machine he was aware of the details of the internal and external transactions of the Tiger operations. Rovik's ad Karauna's evidence, comoing from two different sources, confirms that Erik Solheim had gone the extra mile to give the edge to LTTE.

Reacting to this mounting evidence the Norwegian Foreign Ministry (UD) has accused Rovik as a person who had been convicted of murder in 1997. The Norwegian courts sentenced him to prevention custody considering his mental condition but Rovik was declared healthy in 1998 and released.

Norwegian government's vicious attack on Rovik is to save th face of Erik Solheim, the failed peace facilitator. Norway has launched a smear campaign to dampen the impact of Rovik's seminar in Colombo. Rovik made these statement first in the presence of Norwegian foreign Minsitry (UD) in Oslo when Lisa Golden of UD participated in the conference of the World Alliance for Peace in Sri Lanka (WAPS). Other than leaking the story of Rovik to UTHOR -- a pro-Tamil webiste in Oslo -- UD did not react so viciosuly as it has done now. But the latest attack came on Rovik after he took his campaign to Canada and now to Sri Lanka.

A Sri Lankan domiciled in Oslo said that Rovik's statement should not be judged by the condition of his health nearly a decade ago but on the evidence he presents today.

Ranjith Soysa of the Society for Peace Unity and Human Rights, told the Asian Tribune that it is shocking that the Norwegian government should stoop so low to exploit the illness of one its citizens to avoid the responsibilities of its failure in the peace process.

“Besides" he said,"if Norway is worried about the death of one man it should show the same concern for deaths of innocent children and Tamil people killed by the close friends of Erik Solheim in the LTTE. He takes sides and manufactures excuses for Anton Balasingham and Thamilselvam who are responsible for the mass murders of Sri Lankan civilians. For instance, Balasingham promised the Sri Lankan government to protect the 600 policemen if they surrendered to the LTTE. But they were all shot in the head and killed. Balasingham was Solheim’s closest friend. He would even pick up the liquor bills of Balasingham left behind in hotels. Why aren’t he and the Norwegian government worried about these mass murderers?”

He argued that this is not the first time that Norway planned this smear campaign against the). He pointed out that when WAPS held it first conference in Oslo the Norwegian government, aided and abetted by Jehan Perera , who runs a peace council heavily funded by the Norwegians, ran a similar campaign.

Soysa accused Norway of throwing mud at Rovik instead of listening to what he has to say. He said: “It is not Rovik that is on trial. His trial is over and he has been given a clean bill of health. It is the Norwegian government that is on trial and it is afraid of the judgment.

Soysa added: “I note that Erik Solheim and the Norwegian government are concerned about the impact of Norwegians in Sri Lanka after the speech of Rovik. I wish Solheim would show the same concern for the helpless Sri Lankans suffering due to the war which he promised would end with the Ceasefire Agreement.”

“The fact is that the Ceasefire Agreement and all other Norwegian agreements have ended in a failure because of the partisan role played by the Norwegians. The war-weary people are paying for the sins of Erik Solheim and the Norwegians. It is shocking that the Norwegian government should stoop so low to exploit the illness of one its citizens to avoid the responsibilities of its failure in the peace process,” said Ranjith Soysa.

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