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Tamil Tiger agent invaded the cricket pitch in Grenada to support Amnesty International campaign against Sri Lanka

"I did not encounter any problem at the Pearson International Airport, Toronto when I arrived," said Maiyooran, who was deported from Grenada to Canada for invading the cricket pitch during the World Cup Super eight cricket match between Sri Lanka and Australia on April last 16th St. Georges, Grenada.

He was arrested by the police and subsequently deported to Canada.

On April 16th when Sri Lanka was fielding in the match between Australia and Sri Lanka, Maiyooran ran across the field holding the Tiger flag over his head. This was a move to glorify Tamil Tiger terrorism, an act banned international law. Tigers have exploited pubic events to carry out propaganda. The first such act was when the Tigers invaded and desecrated the pitch at Lords when the Sri Lankans were due to play against England. Maiyooran, a Canadian Citizen of Sri Lanka Tamil origin, was acting on behalf of the Tamil Tigers -- a banned organization in Canada, United States of America, European Union countries and India.

At the Canada airport according to Maiyooran's statement Canadian immigration officials left him enter Canada freely without any problem.

In an interview published in the Tamil Tiger website, Maiyooran while speaking about his performance in Grenada, West Indies said he was deported by the Police in Grenada and did not face any problem at the Toronto airport when he arrived.

Maiyooran was quoted saying that he ran across the field with the intention of propagating the Tamil problem.

In his interview he said:

"I came to Canada when I was 4 1/2 years old. In general I have an interest in cricket. As I live in Canada I use to spend more time in watching basketball games. The purpose I went to watch the cricket matches in West Indies was with the intention to make our problems known to everyone. It was the first time I went to watch a cricket match.

"All our people know well what is happening in our country. Even the Amnesty International came up with a 'plan of action' during the World Cup cricket matches. However Sri Lanka Government has managed to put an end to that campaign.

"Therefore, I undertook to run across the cricket grounds to support the action plan of the Amnesty International and also to bring the plight of our people to the attention of the international community.

"I went to West Indies with my friends. My action plan was already preplanned. National flags of many countries were seen flying in the cricket ground. We planed to take our LTTE flag to see the type of response we might get over there. There were ample reasons to choose Australia – Sri Lanka cricket match.

"There is a very close relationship between Australia and Sri Lanka. Furthermore Sri Lanka Minister Keheliya Rambukkawela is making arrangements to visit Australia to end our activates over there. He is trying to put an end to our struggle. That is why I selected this particular match. From outside we planned and decided to select the correct venue of the cricket field. There was heavy security in place around the field. As we have selected the correct venue and determined the time we were able to carry our action plan successfully.

"I planned to enter the field while Sri Lanka was fielding and the Australians were batting. Accordingly I got into the field and ran towards the pitch.

"Sri Lankan team remained in the field with fear. Despite that effect on them, I was interested in conveying the message to the spectators. The spectators too encouraged me. I think there were Sri Lankan also among the spectators. But I do not know from which direction of the spectators I received encouragement. There were places in the grounds to move about. I was very much determined to fulfill my mission. After entering the field I was very much enthused and happy.

I" was able to see from the faces of the Sri Lanka team that they showed fear and also were ashamed.

"Once I entered the field with the LTTE flag, the policemen were after me. When they came after me, I raised my hands indicating my willingness to cooperate with them.

All the cricket control officials should understand that I am not doing this for fun but to make a point. I wanted to show that I was not interested in causing harm that is why I cooperated with them.

"What I did was an act of protest. Because it was a sporting event I did not act to cause trouble. When I was removed from the field I tendered an apology to them. I undertook this act to publicize the Tamil issue in our country.

"I gave these explanations to the cricket controlling authority officials.

"According to those officials, no spectator should enter into the cricket playing field. I explained in detail why I was involved in such act to all those officials who interrogated me.

"In the beginning they viewed me as an accused and intelligence officials in a group of nearly 40 to 50 kept on interrogating me. They tried to take legal actions against me.

"When every official interrogated me I gave explanations and in the end they started speaking on my behalf.

"After that they asked me to leave the country. Because they did not like me going to another match and creating a similar situation there. If such a thing happens again they are of the opinion that that might create disrepute to West Indies in the eyes of the international community. Therefore I agreed to accept their position and agreed to leave the country.

"I left the place with the West Indies policemen.

"When I entered Canada, nothing happened to me. There might be moves to call for my explanations. There might be inquiries. I am all ready to face such inquiries.

"I know well that if we could apply the Canadians laws appropriately then we will not be put on law and order charges. I entered into the cricket field having that confidence.

"My campaign was given enough publicity with images in the media even with photographs. This would give encouragement not alone for us, we are of the opinion, this encourages many youths of the Tamil Eelam.

"May youngsters phoned to me and thanked me. They are also angry for not asking them to join in his protest.

"Until we are victorious we must all get together and think about what happened? With similar continuous protests we can continue with our groups activities.

"Once our National Leader said at one time that those youths who are living outside has to be ready at any given time. He said we youngsters should raise like phoenix birds.

"It is good that everyone should come with some novel plan in our struggle and try to win the struggle," he said.

- Asian Tribune -

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