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Eastern women threatened with death if they do not stop working at NGOs

By Munza Mushtaq -- Reporting for Asian Tribune

Colombo, 12 May, ( More handbills threatening women with death if they do not cease to work in NGOs were circulated in the Eastern Province beginning late last week.

The leaflet titled 'demon ladies' and printed in the Tamil language has been drawn up by an unheard organization named 'People Front' was circulated among civilians and copies were also sent out to local and international NGOs.

"If we see ladies traveling in luxury vehicles, we will destroy the vehicle and attack the travelers and the driver," the handbill warned.

The chauvinistically worded handbill also claimed that NGOs must only recruit men to work in these organizations. "Males can work wisely and intelligently, much better than these ladies. They don't need luxury vehicles. Men have good personality with good behavior and are educated than women. If NGO's give jobs to men, it will be more useful," the handbill claimed.

The organization has also charged that women who work in these NGOs do not only restrict themselves to having sexual relationships with the foreigners who head these organizations, but they also act for pornography movies for which they are paid Rs. 30,000 per movie.

"The parents of these women were very proud because their daughters were going to work in NGOs, but they do not know what happens during office hours. And although we have warned these parents of their daughters' activities, they do not believe us," the leaflet said.

The so called People Front organization has also express fear of a possibility where the AIDS virus could spread in the Province owing to the clandestine relationships these women were having with foreigners.

"Already many ladies are affected by AIDS. Many of these women who had gotten pregnant had gone to lady doctors to get abortion done. If these ladies do not leave their employment from the NGO's immediately, we will grant immediate death penalty to them," the handbill warned.

- Asian Tribune -

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