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Death toll of LTTE claymore mine attacks rises: Sri Lankan President rush to the scene

Colombo, 15 June, ( Sri Lanka Government strongly condemned the barbaric and inhuman killing of civilians, as the death toll rose to 63 which included 15 school going children, and a few pregnant women. At the time of posting this news item it was reported that nearly 87 were wounded. Emotion packed Sri Lankan President was seen as one of the earliest dignitaries to visit the gory scene of the incident and later to the hospital.Visibly shaken emotion packed Sri Lanka President Mahinda RajapakseVisibly shaken emotion packed Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapakse

Sri Lanka Government in its statement condemning the killing said, “The Government of Sri Lanka strongly condemns the barbaric and inhuman killing of dozens of innocent civilians at Kebitigollawa this morning. The Government is aware that the aim of the terrorists is to instigate a backlash in order to fulfill their evil designs. The Government urges the people to be calm and support its endeavor to eradicate the menace of terrorism.

Sri Lanka Army news revealed that fifteen children proceeding to schools and a few pregnant women going for pre-natal care clinics were in the ill-fated state owned bus that was ripped in the LTTE claymore mine attack on Thursday (15) morning at Kebithigollewa, Anuradhapura.Some of the school children who  were killed in the  inhuman and “senseless” massacreSome of the school children who were killed in the inhuman and “senseless” massacre

“The scene of the massacre with parts of human flesh strewn apart was littered with school books, school bags, school uniforms splashed with blood, heaps of rubber shoes and slippers and other paraphernalia. Pieces of yellow robes confirmed that there had been at least one monk in the bus when terrorists detonated two claymore mines targeting the passenger bus.

“Emotional outbursts and cries of wailing men and women resonated as more and more grief- stricken relatives as well as villagers from the area began showing up at the scene. Moving scenes at the ghastly sight of the tragedy took a dramatic turn when many of them began to identify their beloved ones at the Kebitigollewa rural hospital where 58 bodies were initially placed for identification.

“The bus with 150 passengers in its full complement its doom when Tamil Tigers (LTTE) terrorists blew it up using two claymore mines in the rush hour.The ill-fated Sri Lanka Government bus.The ill-fated Sri Lanka Government bus.

“The death toll as at 1500hrs (local time) stood at 63 including 15 school children and a few pregnant women. At the time this report was filed, a total of 87 wounded in the powerful explosion have been admitted to Kebitigollewa and Anuradhapura base hospitals. Eight of them were later transferred to Colombo National Hospital for immediate surgery as their condition turned worse.

In the meantime according reports revealed by pro-LTTE websites, Kafir jets belonging to Sri Lanka Air Force bombed locations in Mullaithievu, Kilinochchi, LTTE controlled Tharavai and Pulipanthal in the Eastern province.

It was further reported that mortar shells were fired towards LTTE controlled territory in Batticaloa from Vavunathivu SLA camp. In another report it was revealed that Sri Lanka Army (SLA) has been continuing its multi-barrel artillery attacks on several villages in the Liberation Tigers held Muttur east in the Trincomalee district which began around 10.30 a.m. Thursday morning.

So far no causality reports on attacks on the LTTE controlled areas are available.

Meanwhile, special police teams and troops dispatched to the location were in the process of clearing the area after mounting a massive cordon and search operation in the affected area.

The Police according to reports were preparing arrangements to conduct post-mortems into the deaths of 63 civilians who were feared killed in the gruesome LTTE blast that shook the peace loving Sri Lankans, both here and abroad.

“This inhuman and “Grieving relatives of the victims in the senseless massacreGrieving relatives of the victims in the senseless massacre, as LTTE media pundits themselves claimed miserably after pointing the finger at Sri Lankan Security Forces, serves as strong evidence to the effect that LTTE terrorists are hysterically more interested in blood shed but not in the so- called ‘Peace talks’ “ Sri Lanka Army websites blamed.

”It is further distinctly clear that the LTTE within a matter of few hours after their return from Oslo and Geneva, has gone to the extent of committing a heinous and barbaric slaying of this magnitude in a remote area like Kebitigollewa where mostly peasants engaged in cultivations make their living,” it was alleged.

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