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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 106

Death Threat to Editor , "Asian Tribune" by Karuna and his crony Iniyabarathi

By Walter Jayawardhana

Asian Tribune Editor has received death threat from V.Muralitharan alias l Karuna Amman through his alleged crony I. Iniyabarathi yesterday morning.Beware Karuna & his crony Iniyabarathi Beware Karuna & his crony Iniyabarathi

Iniyabarathi, the man involved in the fratricidal killings telephoned K.T.Rajasingham, Editor Asian Tribune and threatened to kill the Editor. In his abusive harangue he revealed that his leader Colonel Karuna will not tolerate at cost , any "Yarlapani "(Man from Jaffna) - a regional slur -- reporting anything adversely either about him or about his cadres.

Iniyabarathi in an arrogant tone conveyed the message of Karuna that the Editor Asian Tribune should stop publishing adverse reports about Karuna and Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal. He threateningly added “Karuna will not tolerate any adverse comments and he will see that you are removed from the face of this earth.”

Iniyabarathi said “Karuna Amman our leader wanted you to stop this adverse campaign forthwith or be ready to meet your death.”

“Asian Tribune”, since 04 May, after the split within the rank and files of TMVP, between Karuna and Pillaiyan, reported the killing of Sinthujan and also his old age father Johnson and few others.

“Asian Tribune” vehemently condemned the fratricidal killings let loose by Karuna within the outfit and also exposed that there are more than 190 underage children forcibly recruited by Thileepan and Jeeventiran.

“Asian Tribune” has opposed recruitment of underage children forcefully by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam as well as by the TMVP led by Karuna.

Karuna personally gave an undertaking to Asian Tribune that he will visit all his bases and chase away if there are any underage children in their camps.

Unfortunately Karuna failed to live up to his words and encouraged and tolerated Thileepan and Jeeventiran recruiting underage children even after this issue was taken up in the UN Security Council.

Asian Tribune reliably learnt that Karuna has two days ago given special permission to Inniyabarathi , commander of TMVPs’s Amparai district to ‘recruit more cadres’ in the Amparai district.

Recruiting more cadres is an indirect terminology which amounts to giving permission to Iniyabarathi to forcefully recruit underage children.

Karuna, a former renegade leader of the LTTE following the footsteps of his former leader Velupillai Prabakran is the newest Warlord in the East trying to have his way by threat and intimidation of the media personnel.

Even earlier Kruna telephoned and threatened Champika Liyanaraachchi, editor of Daily Mirror and he called the Editor and apologized and assured that he as well as his cadres will not harm her.

Subsequently, “Asian Tribune” learnt Inniyabarathi called ‘Daily Mirror’ editorial staff and warned that he will send killer squad to kill the person who reports adverse news items about his leader Karuna, and TMVP. According to information Iniyabarathi threatened the Daily Mirror staff in a conference call with an interpreter who translated his death threat in the English language.

- Asian Tribune –

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