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Yashwant Sinha pitches for Modi as BJP’s PM nominee

From R. Vasudevan—Reporting from New Delhi
New Delhi, 29 January (

Senior leader Yashwant Sinha on Monday fired the first shot openly pitching for declaring Narendra Modi as BJP's prime ministerial candidate in the next Lok Sabha elections, saying it will benefit the party hugely.

Contending that he was reflecting the mood of the country and BJP workers, he advised JD(U), which has reservations on Modi because of the 2002 Gujarat riots, not to target the chief minister but take a decision after careful consideration.

"A debate has been taking place for many days now. When I travel, there is a strong demand from common people and workers that Narendra Modi should be declared as the PM candidate as this will benefit the party. After careful thought, I have concluded that if BJP declares Modi as its PM candidate, then BJP will benefit hugely in the elections. It will have a big impact on voters. I have no doubt on this," Sinha told reporters here.

The former external affairs minister, who had once claimed to be qualified for the top job, said the decision on the prime ministerial candidate has to be taken by the party but this is the sentiment of workers and public. Sinha became the first senior BJP leader to openly pitch for declaring Modi as PM candidate although the party and the leaders have been evasive on the issue.

Modi, who held "elaborate" discussions with new BJP chief Rajnath Singhin New Delhi on Sunday on the 2014 elections, himself has been parrying the question.

On JD(U) having reservations on Modi's name, Sinha said if the ally does not support, it will be a wrong decision. "JD(U) is the oldest ally of BJP ... and it should remain in the alliance," he said. However, he took exception to JD(U) targeting Modi, saying "to target one particular person is not fair. Either the entire party is secular or the entire party is communal. Within the BJP, you cannot pick and choose. That is a flawed argument."

He went on to add that, "within a party, you cannot say XYZ is secular and ABC is communal and we will go with XYZ and not with ABC."

When asked about the possibility of JD(U) quitting the NDA if Modi is declared as PM candidate by BJP, Sinha said, "if any party goes, a number of parties will come ... JD(U) is absolutely free. "It is another party, it is an ally. If they take a position, they should take it only after careful consideration."

JD(U) unhappy

NDA ally JD(U) on Monday dismissed BJP leader Yashwant Sinha's demand for declaring Narendra Modi the prime ministerial candidate as his "personal" view while making it clear that it has no love lost for the Gujarat Chief Minister.

The party said it will wait for BJP's "official stand" on the issue as its leader Nitish Kumar has already conveyed JD(U)'s views on NDA prime ministerial candidate.

"Whatever we had to say on the issue (of who should be NDA's PM candidate) our leader Nitish Kumar has already conveyed to the BJP ... He has also spoken clearly about what kind of a person should be the prime ministerial candidate. So the ball is in BJP's court," JD(U) spokesperson Shivanand Tiwari told reporters.

Kumar, who has had reservations on sharing stage with Modi and his campaigning in Bihar, earlier broadly indicated to the BJP that the Gujarat Chief Minister with his Hindutva hardliner image will not be acceptable to JD(U) as the NDA's prime ministerial candidate. The Bihar Chief Minister had also said publicly that NDA's candidate for the post should be somebody who is secular and is acceptable across the board.

"JD(U) will react to whatever official stand BJP takes on the issue. We do not consider Sinha's statement as BJP's official view," Tiwari said, adding,"JD(U) does not need any suggestion on who should be made prime ministerial candidate or not. There is no need (for Sinha) to be in an advisory role."

But BJP's oldest NDA ally clarified that the prime ministerial candidate should be from the BJP. "We have no objection and in fact we believe that BJP is the biggest party in the alliance so if it comes to forming a stable government, a leader from the BJP should become the PM. Nitish Kumar has already said this," Tiwari said.

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Yashwant Sinha pitches for Modi as BJP’s PM nominee
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