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It is important Sri Lanka has stability and Peace - Bhante Ven K. Dhammaratana Thera

Stockholm, 08 February, (

It is important Sri Lanka has stability and Peace - Bhante Ven K. Dhammaratana Thera
Bhante Ven K. Dhammaratana Thero, speaking on the 65th Anniversary of Sri Lanka’s Independent said, “Today is Sri Lanka’s new birthday. It is very important; Sri Lanka has stability and peace.

The Chief Incumbent of Stockholm Buddhidt Vihare and the Chief Sangha Nayaka Thera in Scandinavia spoke about Sri Lanka’s Independence in Sweden.

In his address he said, “Everybody has history; Sri Lanka also has a history. The President of Sri Lanka has explained time to time of the direction where we are going and so on. Everybody knows about that. Now Sri Lanka is an independent country, even some problems are there but it is not a problem actually.

Bhante Ven K. Dhammaratana Thero went on to say, It is very important; Sri Lanka has stability and peace. Now Sri Lanka is a peaceful country without any race and religious problems.

When speaking about his recent visit to Sri Lanka Venerable Thera said, “Anyhow we can see that someone like to create again some problems. In my understanding, I have been six weeks in Sri Lanka and I have visited many places in Sri Lanka, so I could understand personally the situation prevailing in our country.

Whatever information I gathered was not second hand information, but it was my own understanding, my own experience and my own first hand information.

“I mean Sri Lanka is now a peaceful country the progress is going on very well even though we are not in Sri Lanka we have to do something, giving some support to Sri Lanka. It is very important, at least speak good words our country and this can promote Sri Lanka’s image internationally - it can support Sri Lanka- it is our duty and responsibility.

“Always we must think whether we have done any good thing to our country. Think our country and think of ways to promote the best interest of our country.

Like today it’s very important to think by heart. Honestly everybody has to concentrate about that. I just remembered to tell you to think honestly, personally and together with others”, the Thera said.

Bhante Ven K. Dhammaratana Thero said, now my duty as a religious leader to give some blessing to go ahead with the blessings of the Triple Gem - to all Sri Lankan people and even those not living in Sri Lanka but also those of a Sri Lankan origin in the world.

“According to globalization one living in Sri Lanka or in any other country, it is one village. When we think of one village then Sri Lanka is also one of them. So we have to work together for the progress and development of Sri Lanka.

So we now give blessings with the chartings in brief - May all, not only human beings, but all beings be well happy, peaceful.”

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Bhante Ven K. Dhammaratana Thera
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