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British Meat - Beware First It Was Religious Rituals, Now Horse Meat

By Glen Jenvey - London Asian Tribune

As we were one of the first to warn about British Red Tractor Meat being blessed in religious slaughter, showing that we do not know here in the UK what we are eating due to poor guarantees by assured food standard of the meat trade which claims.

- High standards of food safety and hygiene

- High Standards of animal welfare

- High Standards of Environmental protection

It’s now official that British Red Tractor Meat and other meat in the EEC and countries like Argentina is not only anti Christian, Hindu, Buddhist and has no regard for animal welfare by cruelty in British, EEC and Argentinean slaughterhouses which is imported into many European countries.

It’s now official the British food industry is feeding the British people horse meat, some may say that in France and other countries they eat horses, but the covert meat by the thousands of tons feeding people in Europe each month is contaminated with drugs used to worm horses that is poisonous to humans, horse owners can tell you that horse wormer cannot be used on humans and other drugs used on horses are also harmful to humans.

What it say’s on the packet when buying food should be just that, if you buy beef, lamb, chicken, pork that’s what you get not horse meat or Religious rituals where animals suffer in the name of a god that we do not believe in.

Before writing this piece, I spoke to a retired slaughterhouse man (butcher) who told me that when he slaughtered both kosher and halal meat, if the rabbi or imam never turned up on time, he would just slaughter saying a few ‘Hail Mary’s !.’

The problem with the British and European meat is there is no real regulation enforced as it’s full of corruptions, as the British shopper is finding out having not beef burgers, but horse burgers, and Muslims are eating Kosher meat bless by Christians !

It’s a good job I’m a vegan after my last report for Asian Tribune I refuse to eat meat blessed by a faith I don’t follow. So I stopped eating meat.

The British Government are in crisis over the latest infection and are blaming criminal gangs .

The word’s used were MAFIA gang’s criminal’s like the LTTE who come from many countries and have for year’s set up shops in Europe you may think that terrorist groups could not manage international business on this scale, but the Tigers in France owned their own Bank and shipping fleet , so it would not be hard for them and groups like them to run dirty backstreet slaughterhouses mixing cheap meat from Argentina with horse meat , as there is no such thing as regulation in the UK and EEC,
as many shoppers think.

- Asian Tribune -

British Meat -  Beware First It Was Religious Rituals, Now Horse Meat
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