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Widest ever interactive TV for Obama’s State of Union address

Critical Commentary by Philip Fernando

President Obama's State of the Union address to Congress on Tuesday is expected to reach the widest ever audience as Microsoft search engine, ”Bing” plans to provide millions of viewers with an interactive experience with real-time polling and social media aggregation as Obama delivers his message staring his second term.

Microsoft's Mark Penn, the Democratic strategist and pollster, is striving to meet the growing need for up-to-the-minute political information and second-screen experiences that are a great companion to political broadcasts. Bing Pulse will make it possible for anyone to vote every five seconds on their feelings about the address and the results will be shown live on the site and on Fox News. The site has videos of former President Jimmy Carter and House Speaker Newt Gingrich touting the effort

In 2010, Obama had a sort of “unfinished business” message, calling for Congress to take “another look” at health care reform – still struggling inside the Congress few votes short of being passed and other policies also being stalled. In 2011 he called it “win the future,” amidst a slow economic recovery. He had got a drubbing at the congressional elections in 2010 and was making a comeback.

A more memorable address

This time is more forwarding looking said an analyst. Obama would be advancing his most ambitious legislative agenda since his first year in office. He would most likely press for sweeping new gun control measures and comprehensive immigration reform, which will require robust bipartisan efforts on Capitol Hill to stand a chance of passage.

Obama has a ton of political capital following a reelection victory. The country just doubled down on Obama’s agenda, which isn’t something the president could have said, even at his peak popularity in early 2009. Most strategists predict that Obama may characterize the state of the union as the most promising century since 1776.

2014 mid-term elections

In 2014, Obama has to get ready for a scathing round of congressional elections. Few things get done during election years the way they do in off years. Also he will be nearing the end of his presidency, and the power he will have to drive his agenda will likely be weaker than it is right now, if previous midterms are any indication. By early 2016, the race to succeed him will be in full swing, with primaries on both sides that promise to seize the attention of the political world.

All of which means Tuesday is a pretty important day for the President Obama. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The issues are also being debated widely no: immigration, gun control, drone attacks and economic recovery. Debt reduction would also be a no holds barred fight.

Senator Rubio to respond

Republicans have chosen Senator Marco Rubio to offer up the Republican response to President Obama’s address, an attempt to present the younger, more diverse face of the party as the nation confronts such issues as immigration. Rubio is a charismatic Floridian with a promising future.

He may have to brush up his views on climate change, one of the other hot political topics of the moment. Last years his party lost a chunk of independents due to short-sighted statements from many on air quality, welfare reform and abortion. Rubio has his work cutout.

Rubio in a recent interview questioned whether “man-made activity” is contributing most to global warming, and he suggested there’s reasonable debate on whether there’s “significant scientific consensus” on the human role. He also questioned whether there’s anything the government can do to make a difference.

Republicans have always raised the issue of the cost-benefit analysis of climate control proposals that’s being proposed. ?” Rubio said during the interview: “I can tell you the impact it would have on certain industries and on our economy, and that’s where it falls apart.”

We are in for heightened sense of expectations on a number of key issues. Tuesday would be a day to watch.

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Widest ever interactive TV for Obama’s State of Union address
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