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‘Don’t be silly doctor, he is her brother!’

By S.H.Moulana - Riyadh

India’s capital Delhi has most rape cases among 35 cities in India according to ‘Times of India’. The national capital has recorded 23.43 percent increase in rape cases in 2012 compared to past year.

However, South Africa is topping the list having 6 rape cases are being reported to police every hour, mostly in Cape Town but the statistics showed that a woman was raped in South Africa in every four minutes of the day. The latest case of rape-murder has enraged the whole nation.

Community leaders have warned that South Africa was on the road to replacing the evil of apartheid with another evil – that of violence against women and children.

Anene Booysen, the Bredasdorp teenager, who was brutally gang-raped, mutilated and then left for dead, was buried in the presence of a large crowd. The people, who have never met Anene, joined her family and friends to honor her life.

She survived, it was reported, long enough after her ordeal to name her attackers, and set the police on the track to finding them.

In another development, an Indian wife of a French consular official charged with raping their daughter has demanded a meeting with Francois Hollande this week, presenting the French president with a thorny diplomatic dilemma on his first visit to India.

The lawyers representing the victim accuse that France is supporting the husband at the expense of the rape victim and her two siblings. Bangalore’s Family Court has already rejected a request for the alleged accused to be granted access to his children, on the grounds he is still charged with raping one of them.

This reminds me of an old joke; a lady noticed her pet, a she cat, rolling on the floor in agony. She summoned the veterinary surgeon to check why she is behaving in this mysterious manner. The veterinary surgeon did not take much time to diagnose the case and he said; ‘Madame she is going to have kittens’.

This really shocked the lady and she responded by saying ‘How come, she is always with me and never step out of the house!’ While she was saying this a he cat appeared from under the table. The veterinary surgeon pointing at him asked the lady ‘what about him?’

The annoyed lady retorted “don’t be silly doctor! That is her brother!’ Do relationships among human being too still exist?

Communities have become really sick and it is time all joined hands to put an end to the ‘rape pandemic’, which is spreading faster than any other dreaded disease or crime.

- Asian Tribune -

Anene Booysen, 17, was found brutally raped and left for dead in Bredasdorp Western Cape. She was laid to rest on Saturday. (Photo courtesy of City Press)
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