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My T shirt is very much in fashion now!

S.H.Moulana -Riyadh

‘PEOPLE PEOPLE, WHY ARE WE FIGHTING?’was what printed on a T shirt I bought in Singapore few years ago.
Although it was in my wardrobe stacked and unseen for a long period of time I have now started to wear it frequently seeing the carnage all around the world, routinely shown in the electronic media and in the print media.

I guess it is very much in fashion now! We have been celebrating the end of war in our beloved homeland for the last three years.

We enjoyed seeing the sigh of relief from every citizen, who suffered thirty long years of misery under the threat of terrorism.

However, the recent unforeseen incidents have shocked many, once again, because it was totally unexpected such a thing could ever happen between these two communities, which coexisted so well for centuries. Since this is the work of a small minority from the majority community, many are still confident the unity between the two could never be harmed by some misguided actions of the few.

We still have a large number of true patriots in both communities who love the country dearly. One of them is our former Sri Lankan envoy the learned Dayan Jayatileke, who has served in many countries representing our country, earning great reputation and honor. I heard him in a recent interview saying; ‘I don’t know who is behind the new movement nor what its motivations are, and do not care to speculate. What I can make is an educated guess at what the consequences of this religio-fascist surge will be. What then is the emerging scenario? The fuel is spreading on the ground and a single match, a single spark, a single incident however minor, could set on a violent clash, commencing a whole new cycle of conflict and polarization. We Sinhalese and our fellow Muslim citizens will be psychologically separated and unable to look each other in the eye, just as our Tamil citizens and we are unable to even now.’

There is another great statesman, for whom my unreserved respect and honor go is none other than Rev. Dhambara Amila Thera, the senior lecturer at Sri Jayawardenapura University, who is promoting unity among all communities. I was simply overwhelmed by listening to one of his very recent speeches on Youtube. I am sure that there are many more like Dayan and the Rev. Thera among us but the important thing is to get on the stage and speak the truth with courage, which sadly our politicians lack. Finally, I wish T shirts with the print ‘PEOPLE PEOPLE, WHY ARE WE FIGHTING? ’distributed to all the communities living in our beautiful island instead of inciting nonsensical prints on them. May unity prevail among all communities forever!

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My T shirt is very much in fashion now!
My T shirt is very much in fashion now!
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