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All South Asian countries in the same boat!

By S.H.Moulana - Riyadh

All Asian countries are in the same boat, how these minorities are concerned. Repeated sectarian massacres in Pakistan are really frightening. If governments in power fail to control extremism of any kind, that will be the end of that country.

I remember a victim’s father in Quetta saying ‘There is something called ‘law of the jungle’ but we don’t have even that here’. Who can treat this statement so lightly although it is from an ordinary layman?

In the meantime, I was shocked to read the praise showered on Narendra Modi, the architect of 2002 Gujarat riots by a Sri Lankan cabinet minister, in a local newspaper.

He too is currently heading a party with similar policies as Modi’s BJP/RSS of India. Communal, racial or religious based parties should be banned in South Asian countries if the governments are seriously thinking of maintaining peace and harmony in their countries.

We all have our adverse view of the United States for its greed for world domination but I would salute that country for just one reason; for not only electing a colored immigrant’s son as its president but reelecting him with a resounding majority and in both occasions beating white men!

Could we ever imagine such a feat to happen elsewhere, especially in any Asian country?

As long as the communities are identified by race and religion and not by the nationality; Indian, Pakistani or Sri Lankan, there won’t be peace in South Asian countries. If South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) is founded to promote development in its member countries and if it is really serious about it, it will never achieve its goal in these countries, without maintaining peace and harmony among all communities by all enjoying equal rights as citizens of the country they belong.

The people who celebrated the end of terrorism in Sri Lanka in 2009 are now threatened with another serious problem which will further tarnish the country's name at a time it needs some credibility in the international arena.

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