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The pleasant memories of our good old days!

By Eng. Aga Barrie - Canada

I read an article authored by a JHU official, Gamanpila, in one of the local newspapers. This indeed an interesting article, taking us back to our school days. All friends irrespective of religion had followed the following rules without any hesitation.

1. All had meals in Saiva is cheap

2. We always chose either Pilawoos or Buhari because it was tasty and non Muslims loved it.

3. Pasgorasa was our famous joint for our desert

4. Vijaya House Bambalapitiya was another frequent place for lunch, during University days but we always had rice with fish

5. When we go on trips we had meals in non Muslim homes but they respected our requirements and never cooked any non Halaal food

6. Railway Cafeteria was run by UK Edmund who provided food but never had any problem as Muslims kept to fish

7. When invited for meals by non Muslims they made sure beef and chicken were bought from Muslim Butcher

There was a conscious of food culture but never was a division. I am not sure how Halaal certification was introduced. It could be for commercial purpose and unfortunately ACJU started to charge for their services and made it a commercial venture more than religious requirement. Now that the stand taken is good so that anyone wants a certificate let them get it from an organization approved by the Government having qualified people and mechanism to certify.

Praise be to Allah, the tense situation seems to have calm down but this may not stop here......................................................

Now we, peace loving people have a problem..................................................

It is proven beyond doubt there are parties want to create chaos in Sri Lanka either through ethnic difference, human rights violations, high cost of living, above all jealousy.

If you visit Sri lanka now you will see the improvements in Colombo, East, North, West, South and even in Central regions. I am surprised as I covered lot of mileage this year and I am convinced that it will be a different country very soon Insha Allah. This is not what our friends in the West and their Allies wants to see.

We hope and pray for the protection of our Motherland and ask Allah to give us back the reality of living just like the good old days.

- Asian Tribune -

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