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The Asian Tribune editor criticizes the silence maintained by the certain international group

Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation - News Desk
Wednesday, 27 February 2013 13:23

Chief editor of the leading international website, the Asian Tribune, K.T. Rajasingham says that the Global Tamil Forum is an organization which supports the opinions of the LTTE.

Participating in the Dasa Desin programme of the SLBC, he further said that a group including the leader of the Tamil National Alliance and parliamentarian R. Sambandan and parliamentarian M. Sumandiran are involved in expressing opinions against Sri Lanka at a seminar organized by the Global Tamil Forum.

Mr. Rajasingham has also pointed out that there is no need to be vigilant on their actions as the TNA is unable to create any impact on the Geneva Human Rights Council. There are preparations to bring a motion against Sri Lanka by the United States at the Human Rights Session.

The Asian Tribune editor criticizes the silence maintained by the certain international group regarding the murders and abductions carried out by the Tiger organizations. - SLBC

The Asian Tribune website chief editor has also pointed out that such a proposal would not be able to cause any effect on Sri Lanka. Accordingly, this would be a motion that Sri Lanka could reject. Leader of the Barathiya Janatha Party Dr. Subramaniam swamy has also clearly expressed a similar opinion recently.

Mr. Rajasingham commenting on the video tape made against Sri Lanka added that it does not contain anything new. Such a video was released in an early occasion as well. But it failed to gain international recognition. Therefore, he added that there is no need to focus further attention on this video.

The Asian Tribune has also criticized the silence maintained by certain international groups regarding the murders and abductions carried out by Prabhakaran.

All Sri Lankan at this moment should think about their country and strengthen the hands of the President.

Deputy Permanent representative of Sri Lanka at the United Nations Major General Shavendra Silva joining the programme from New York city said that he has recently been accorded the opportunity to address the senior army personnel of the most excellent division of the US security forces, the Marine unit.

He added that he was introduced at this occasion as a senior official of an army of a country which had defeated terrorism.

Major General Shavendra Silva further said that he briefed the senior officials of the Marine unit on the methods followed by Sri Lanka to eliminate LTTE terrorism.

Answering a question as to why the US government has chosen him to address the highest ranking security officials of the country at a time when the US was preparing to act against Sri Lanka, he pointed out that they wanted to have an understanding on the measures followed by Sri Lankan army to defeat the terrorists.

The Major General added that he clearly analyzed how the civilians were rescued from the clutches of terrorists. He also said that certain international organizations rely on the rumors propagated by themselves on certain issues, for their own existence.

They act in this manner especially during the times of the conducting of meetings of international organizations of special importance, for their survival. The deputy permanent representative has pointed out that therefore there is no need to be unduly concerned on such incidents.

- Asian Tribune -

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