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Urgent action needed

By S.H.Moulana - Riyadh

Lankan Muslims in the gulf are really perturbed by the news we read in the media back home and more so by what is being published in the newspapers, with mass circulation here, plus the TV.

The adverse publicity given to the current Halal issue and boycott of Muslim businesses in Sri Lanka are all front page news in the gulf. What make me so sad is that all the gigantic development projects undertaken by our president have been put to the back burner by the current conflict stealing the limelight.

We are absolutely saddened to visualize the sudden change in the excellent relation, which existed between Sinhala and Muslim communities in our beloved motherland for centuries. In addition, our President commands very high respect among the Arabs for his continued support for the Palestinian cause since his youth.

I feel so proud when I hear this from my numerous Palestinian friends, who work in Saudi Arabia. They, in fact, treat him as one of them - what more love one can expect from the members of an oppressed nation, the Palestinians.

At a time the US and its allies demanding a pound of flesh from us, in Geneva, BBS’s campaign is doing more harm to our country. One with an average intelligence or minimum patriotism for his country would never think of starting something to tarnish the image of his motherland.

A large number of Sri Lankan Muslims working in the gulf are really worried about their loved ones back home and are spending a good slice of their earnings on telephone calls inquiring about their well-being.
We hope and pray that His Excellency the president will act fast, before it is too late.

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