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UNHRC Hands off Sri Lanka Why not Israel

By Nihad Issa
Ramallah, 19 March, (

Palestine Sri Lanka Society for Friendship and Cooperation is at a loss to understand the moral right of America to censure Sri Lanka for the so called violation of human rights. America, we understand has tabled a motion at the UNHRC Session now in progress in Geneva.

This UNHRC Resolution against Sri Lanka is supposed to be about accountability issues related to the 30 year war against terrorism and about the pace in the implementation of the development and rehabilitation programs. It is all nonsense as those American and British who visited North and East are fully satisfied with the pace of development and rehabilitation.

America wants us to forget its accountability issues in Israel, Afghanistan etc. and rehabilitation pace after Katrina disaster.

Eng. Mahmoud Abdullah, President of Palestine Sri Lanka Friendship Society in a statement pointed out, “We in Palestine wonder why there are no resolutions against Israel, as regards many forms of human rights violations on a daily basis in Palestine. Goldstone report on Gaza massacre is gathering dust somewhere in U. N. Impunity enjoyed by Israel is unique. UNHRC has failed to raise a finger against Israel.

He further said, “We Palestinians note with concern that UNHRC is today a highly politicized and a corrupt body dancing to the tunes of tiger terrorists that had become vote banks in number of countries. They dole out money and buy over politician and officials.

There are forces that want to suppress Sri Lanka, because it is a staunch friend of the Arab world and one of the emerging economies of the third world.

Eng. Mahmoud Abdullah went on to say, “When we find that UNHRC has allowed Israel to go scot free with all its blatant crimes it cannot be considered an impartial body. In the same way some powerful countries that had openly violated the UN charter, human rights and territorial integrity of other nations had got a way without going before UNHRC or ICC. Biased nature of UNHRC is very clear and discrimination of Sri Lanka on communal grounds is well known.

The selective nature of UNHRC is obvious and UNHRC is structured in such a manner to ignore some countries. We suggest that Sri Lanka should ignore and get out of UNHRC like what Israel did. If Israel can do it why not others.

Finally, we appeal to UN, UNHRC and other international tribunals to take up the case of Israel before finding fault with Sri Lanka that defeated the worlds’ most ruthless terrorist outfit, Tamil Tigers.

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UNHRC Hands off Sri Lanka Why not Israel
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