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North Korea Deviates from Nuclear Threat

Hemantha Abeywardena writes from London…

North Korea substituted its threat to attack the US with a renewed determination to stick to its nuclear programme while calling it the ‘life of the nation’. The authorities went on to say that it is not for traded – even for billions of dollars.

Its new strategy, outlined with the blessings of the supreme leader, is all about addressing the lingering economic issues while strengthening the nuclear weapons for its own defence. It went on to say that they would never abandon the nuclear weapons as long as the US has its own stockpile.

Peace loving ordinary people in the Korean peninsula can now breathe a sigh of relief as the fiery rhetoric of Kim Jong-un is clearly dying down as sanity seems to be breaking out in Pyongyang, the North Korean capital.

Reports from Seoul, South Korea, meanwhile, do not indicate a state of collective panic. Perhaps, they are used to live in the shadow of North Korean threats for over six decades. There is no evidence of the existence of nuclear-resistant bunkers in the city, despite the threat. Nor is there any sign of them being constructed in a rush to face an emergency.

South Korean veterans hold the view that this is a new form of psychological warfare directed at their country by Swiss-educated Kim Yong-un to stir up misplaced patriotism to conceal ground realities that stem from economic hardships.

It is clear that China may have exercised its influence over the isolated nation to act sensibly. The fact that China was not unduly disturbed by Mr Kim’s threat show how China can chip in at the right time to diffuse the tension involving North Korea with very little diplomatic effort.

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North Korea Deviates from Nuclear Threat
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