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Sri Lankan media destroy the image of the country – Chief Editor, Asian Tribune.

By A.A.M.Nizam -
Colombo, 10 May, (

K.T.Rajasingham, the Chief Editor of the Asian Tribune website in an exclusive interview to the website on 7th April said that he opposed separatism from the very beginning and upon leaving the country due to death threats from the LTTE, he used to write for the ‘Independent’ newspaper of Bangladesh, but the LTTE pressurized that newspaper not to entertain his writings.

He said that then he went to Thailand and started writing for the newspaper “The Nation” and this was also stopped by the LTTE.

He said that he was unable to visit Sri Lanka for almost 28 years, and settled down in Sweden. He said that he started the Asian Tribune website while he was in Thailand.

Rajasingham said that he took a loan of 150,000 Kroners from the Swedish Bank which was at that time equivalent to 25,000 U.S.Dollars.

While being in Sweden he used to travel between Stockholm and Paris several times using this loan funds with the objective of getting the vicious propaganda of the LTTE made through TV stations operated from Paris stopped.

He said that he was successful in convincing Paris authorities and got the TV Tamil Network stopped and similarly, he succeeded in getting some other pro-LTTE TVs and 5 Radio Stations stopped.

When President Mahinda Rajapaksa used to visit oversea, Rajasingham said that he used to meet him at such locations and in 2007 when the President came to Rome to attend the FAO Conference, President has told him that the government is not going to hold negotiations with the LTTE anymore and the LTTE will be defeated militarily.

As LTTE was immensely powerful militarily at that time, he had his doubts about the President’s objectives. However by carefully analyzing the pros and cons of the strength of the LTTE he too became convinced that the LTTE could be defeated militarily.

When the Sri Lanka Security Forces defeated the LTTE in the Eastern Province and launched the Northern operation, Rajasingham said that he telephoned Minister Keheliya Rambukwella who was the Government Defense Spokesman and told him that the first attack against the LTTE should be concentrated on capturing Kokkupidichan LTTE camp located in Silavathurai and requested the Minister to inform this matter to the security establishment.

As he expected, he said that the security forces launched a massive and successful operation for capturing the Kokkupidichan military camp and this gave an immense moral boost to Country’s Security Forces. What was followed is a history now.

Responding to a question about the life situation in the Northern Province before the war and the situation at present Rajasingham said that there is a 180 degree improvement and the people are living there very contended and peacefully.

He said that the people are not bothered about who rules, whether it was ‘Rama or Rawana,’ but what they wants is only to live peacefully and happily. He said that the only problem encountering the people in North was the cost of living, which was a little high in the region.

Speaking about the UNHRC sessions held in Geneva in 2012, Rajasingham said that Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe did an excellent job in countering the propaganda of the Tamil diaspora against the Government carried out by the Global Tamil Form and other rump Tiger terrorist elements, who camped in Geneva and made an extensive effort to mislead the world representatives and project Sri Lanka as a demonic nation.

In responding to a question about the media freedom in Sri Lanka, Rajasingham said that it is sad to note that the media in Sri Lanka fails to enlighten the people about the enormous work being done by the Government to develop the country for ensuring a better future.

He said that the private media in this country is enjoying an unrestricted freedom to criticize the government and find fault in all aspects of the government by completely ignoring media ethics. He said that in no other country such criticisms can be seen and media in other countries act with a consciousness of national obligations which is totally lacking in Sri Lanka.

Rajasingham also said that the BBC, especially its Sinhala and Tamil broadcast were nauseatingly anti-Sri Lankan and he thanked the Chairman of the Sri Lankan Broadcasting Corporation Mr. Hudson Samarasinghe for taking bold step to bring an end to the anti-national propaganda campaign by BBC through SLBC.

He questioned as to how it was possible for the National Radio to permit making use of its facilities to carry out propaganda against the country?

Referring to the impeachment of the former Chief Justice Mrs. Shirani Bandaranaike, Rajasingham said that it was only a constitutionally allowed legal process. However, the way the private media acted on the issue was very much disgusting. He said that the private media and the politically discarded elements bloated the issue with the prime objective of disgracing the Government and the country.

Speaking about the Websites publishing news about Sri Lanka being operated from foreign countries, Rajasingham said that there are many such Websites publishing news in Tamil, and also a few in English, and all of them were attempting to project Sri Lanka as an awful country.

He said that that those who operate these websites are carrying out anti Sri Lankan propaganda on the behest of rump Tiger elements and they have never visited Sri Lanka and they are totally ignorant about the factual situation in Sri Lanka and the enormous development work being carried out by the government for improving the life standards of the Tamil people in Sri Lanka.

Rajasingham said that even the Sinhala and English language websites published from overseas are doing the same things, since they are politically motivated and they have no desire to see Sri Lanka progress under this Government, or anything good happening to Sri Lanka.

He said that the operators and writers of these websites are a lot of unpatriotic treacherous fringe political elements.

Courtesy: -Interviewed by : A.A.M.Nizam

- Asian Tribune

 Sri Lankan media destroy the image of the country – Chief Editor, Asian Tribune.
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