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Afghanistan aims at stability during transitionary period – Dr Shafeek Seddiq, President, Afghanistan Justice Organisation

Colombo, 19 May, (

President of the Afghanistan Justice Organisation (AJO), Dr Shafeek Seddiq, delivering a lecture at the Hilton Hotel in Colombo on May 17 said that Afghanistan could emerge as a stable, prosperous and peaceful country if the period of transition from 2014 could be properly utilized for political stability through cohesion amongst diverse power centres, economic growth and establishment of security and law and order.

He pointed out that despite doomsday predictions by the West, the country has recorded a 11 percent annual GDP growth in the last 10 years and the Afghan security forces had succeeded in taking a firm control despite stray incidents of violence.

Dr Seddiq’s lecture on May 17 was a part of the RCSS-Adenauer Discussion Forum organized by the Regional Centre for Strategic Studies (RCSS) and the Regional Programme SAARC of the Konrad-Adenauer Stiftung (KAS), and the meeting was presided over by former Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama. SAARC Regional Programme Director of KAS, Mr Tomislav Delinic, and RCSS Executive Director Dr Mallika Joseph also addressed the gathering that included diplomats, senior officials retired and serving senior officials and think-tank members.

In spite of security threats from the Taliban and Al-Qaeda groups, warlords, drug-lords, opportunists, thugs and thieves, the security has improved over the years as safe havens of terrorists have been uncovered, counter-terrorist operations were somewhat successful and the terrorists have been forced to change tactics and now resort to low-level violence, he said.

The Afghan scholar added that the Afghan economy has expanded post-international intervention, education has picked up and infrastructure has been improved and democratic institutions have been strengthened. He pointed out that the media has proliferated and communication has made rapid advances.

Dr Seddiq said that corruption, perhaps, was the root of all evil in Afghanistan and revealed that his organization, AJO fights against money-laundering for terrorism as well as against narcotics. Highlighting the problems faced by civil society organizations, he said that it took seven months for the AJO to get an NGO license due to bureaucratic hurdles that thrives on a system of bribery and corruption.

As a result of large scale international grants and corrupt practices a class of young millionaires has been created and they should be persuaded to invest those ill-gotten funds for economic development of the country, Dr Seddiq said and expressed the hope that the transition period will be sufficient for setting up a market economy that ensures Afghanistan’s emergence as a stable and peaceful south Asian nation.

Former Foreign Minister Bogollagama thanked the speaker as well as the RCSS and KAS for organizing this important lecture and said that he was glad to hear that the Afghan authorities have finally agreed to have a dialogue with the Talban. He pointed out that Sri Lanka too attempted at a solution through talks with the LTTE but the government was forced to seek the military action, as the terrorist group did not believe in peace talks.

Emphasizing the need for a strong legal system, Mr Bogollagama said that Afghanistan should incorporate the fundamental laws associated with the society into the legal system to ensure that the society’s acceptance of it as a whole.

Executive Director of RCSS Dr Mallika Joseph said that the lecture series started with the support of KAS to enhance understanding of regional issues and help foster an atmosphere of regional cooperation. She thanked the speaker for debunking the current myths of a collapsing Afghanistan descending into chaos post 2014. She hoped that the lecture helped the participants to see Afghanistan in a different perspective – a country of promise, peace and beauty.

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Dr Shafeek Seddiq, President, Afghanistan Justice Organisation
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