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Not only Germany, Norway has also become a hot topic – Maubima

In the political arena last week, Norway was also among the topics of discussion. The rationale behind this was the judgment passed by a district court in Sri Lanka for a case filed by a major NGO activist Dr Kumar Rupesinghe against cutting down of funds for a non-government organization of his without notifying him.

This case was filed against the Norwegian embassy and as the judgment passed was in favor of Kumar, both the Norwegian embassy and the state of Norway got in to great disarray. Western embassies in Sri Lanka were stunned by it.

After this judgment there were few rounds of discussion among the European and other western embassies in Sri Lanka.

In these rounds of meetings it was stressed that the diplomatic immunity of their counties are in danger with this judgment. Also they pointed out that the Vienna Convention which must be followed by the countries when establishing foreign embassies has also been violated.

Finally they came in to a conclusion to express their displeasure for this judgment to the Sri Lankan government. Furthermore they felt that the government would have to face serious consequences if it is not
prepared to honor the Vienna Convention.

After receiving this red alert last week by the European and Western embassies, the government was stunned. Government immediately held a meeting with the Department of the Attorney General to find out the
possibilities of sorting out the issue amicably without dragging it further.

The opinion of the government was clear; if this problem persists it may possibly cause negative impacts on this year’s Commonwealth leaders meeting. Hence government is seeking an immediate solution together with the Department of the Attorney General’s and the Ministry of External Relations.

- This is an excerpts of the translation of the news item appeared in ‘Maubima’ dated 26 May 2013

- Asian Tribune -

Not only Germany, Norway has also become a hot topic – Maubima
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