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The Squares starting with the letter ‘T’

By S.H.Moulana - Riyadh

There are three Squares shot to fame, during our time, in Asia, Africa and Europe; Tianamen Square, Tahrir Square and now Taksim Square respectively.

Tianamen Square in Beijing hit the headlines globally, in 1989, through a massive protest the residents of the city staged against the political corruption in China. It resulted in the death of hundreds of protesters by the way it was mercilessly suppressed by those who were in power then.

Recently, we saw a similar protest in Tahrir Square in downtown Cairo against Hosni Mubarak’s dictatorial regime, where again we saw dozens of death of protesters for which the former president is standing trial now.

Now, another Square starting with the same letter ‘T’, Taksim Square is in the news.

This is in the European part of Istanbul, the biggest city in Turkey.

The protest here is by a group called Taksim Solidarity Group, which is opposed to the construction of a mall by the government, because it claims that the location of a famous park known as Gezi Park, the government has chosen is a rare patch of green in Istanbul.

Turkey’s prime-minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan has conceded to a delegation of protesters in a recent meeting but he has warned the protesters should leave the park.

Having been an ardent fan of Agatha Christie novels and especially ‘Murder on the Orient Express’, I made it a point to have a close look into this train, during my last visit to Istanbul.

Orient Express made its last journey to Istanbul, in 1977. Stepping into this historic train brought me back memories of what I saw in that box-office movie based on Agatha’s novel, decades ago!

This historic city, Istanbul has enough to provide for its visitors and now it has in addition Taksim Square, like Beijing’s Tianamen Square and Cairo’s Tahrir Square!

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Taksim Square
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