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There is a square in Ramallah too!

By S.H.Moulana - Riyadh

While Tahrir Square keeps producing results after results for protestors, other squares are yet to give any encouragement to agitators with any meaningful result so far.

The well-known journalist Gideon Levy in his article to an Israeli daily wrote that one day Ramallah will rise up.
He stressed that it is true that such a scenario seems unrealistic now but it cannot be ruled out altogether.
The Palestinians are still bleeding from the second intifada, which brought disaster for both parties, Palestinians as well as Israelis.

Palestinians under oppression in the occupied land are desperately waiting for an opportunity. What they are undergoing there now in the hands of their brutal occupier is far worse than what few Arab rulers treated their own citizens.

However, they were not tolerated and ultimately eliminated with foreign help and one is in the process of being ousted soon. In the meantime, it is really disheartening to see the same foreign help is not forthcoming for these desperate Palestinian people in the occupied land.

It is said that Ramallah too has its own square although it is not very much known to the outside world as much it is known to the Palestinians and it is called ‘Manara Square’.

The masses will rise up one day against the settlements and the checkpoints, in the Palestinian land. Then the world will come to know that there is another square equally powerful to Cairo’s Tahrir Square in Ramallah, called Manara Square.

We can be assured that it will happen one day because we have seen things are always happening only when they are least expected. What we saw in Tunisia and Egypt recently and Iraq and Libya before are enough proof for this. Let’s wait for Manara Square to hit the headlines soon!

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Ramallah - ‘Manara Square’
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