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'Harry Potter' author in the news

By S.H.Moulana - Riyadh

The news item ‘J.K. Rowling writes crime novel under pseudonym prompted me to write this. Rowling shot to fame with her ‘Harry Potter’ story, which later became a box-office movie.

I have no doubt that her novel ’The Cuckoo’s Calling’ too will be successful among those still maintain their reading habit.

Now, we very rarely see people who carry novels in their hand like those days. During our youth it is very unlikely one would step out of the house on a trip or to office without being armed with a novel.

A mode of transport, a train or a bus automatically will be turned to look like a library. In this era many may think that they can get everything from the television.

But reading a book will have many positive effects in one’s life. To make the novel one reads more interesting, he got to imagine the scenario the author describes, to the best of his ability.

During my youth the two writers who attracted me most were the American detective fiction writer Erle Stanley Gardner and the British murder mystery and romance novelist Agatha Christie.

Both were winners of the highly prestigious US award called ‘Grand Master Award’. Although Agatha Christie’s presentation was regarded superb in relation to the language, Erle Stanley Gardner knew the language which will go very well with the readers. In addition, his legal profession was an added advantage when he dealt with murder stories.

It is said in his early years of writing for pulp magazine market, he set himself a quota of 1,200,000 words a year. Amazingly, he was a two-finger typist, but later turned to dictating his stories to a team of secretaries.

I am glad to have read most of his work and part of my second favorite, Agatha Christie’s. When you become a habitual reader it is very hard to drop the book until you have known the end result!

The two outstanding works from these two reputed novelists, which come to my thoughts are; “The Case of the Velvet Claws” by Erle Stanley Gardner and “Murder on the Orient Express” by Agatha Christie.

- Asian Tribune

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