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Mano Ganeshan, Member of Parliament, says abductions are both political and economic

Colombo, 04 July, ( In an interview with the Asian Tribune Mano Ganeshan said:

There are two types of abduction that are carried on in Sri Lanka, Political and Economical. Most of the abduction more than 90% is political. 10% of them are economical and what they do is they abduct wealthy Tamil and Muslim business men and are released after extortion money. A very large amount is being paid to them. When someone is abducted it becomes news and all these abduction not economical, largely they are political. Political abduction gives rooms for the break up of law and order in the country. That pays way for the economical abduction.When “Asian Tribune” asked about what he meant by Para-military group, Mano Ganeshan referred to them as “Karuna’s group” and those they are part of the Government.  When “Asian Tribune” asked about what he meant by Para-military group, Mano Ganeshan referred to them as “Karuna’s group” and those they are part of the Government.

Economical Abduction – yesterday’s pickpockets become house breakers and house breakers become kidnappers.

In the year 2002 then Sri Lanka Government and Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam signed a ceasefire agreement and it was well supported and underwritten by the international community. The thrust of the agreement, among the other things, is transforming the LTTE the jungle based guerrilla organization in to a democratic political party. It is well understood unless LTTE become part of the democratic mainstream there will not be any permanent peace in the country.

That transformation was happening and LTTE was allowed to open up political offices in the Government controlled areas. There were political offices in Jaffna, Manar, Vavunya, Trincomalee, Batticola and Ampari. As expected LTTE organized their political events, rallies, meeting, etc. and pongu Tamil events. Many Tamil people started participating in these events and assisting LTTE politically. These events were reported; video graphed and filmed by the media as well as the security forces.

After the fall of the UNP government the political activities of the LTTE were curbed and slowly pushed back to the jungle.

As soon as this government came to power the pace of pushing the LTTE back into the jungle was severe. At present, when the war between the government and LTTE started again those who were politically associated with the LTTE were identified, targeted and eliminated in the north and east. This was done with the support of the Para-military forces. Some of the people escaped to Colombo for safe living. Majority of them were also eliminated in Colombo. Many of them were picked up and subjected to extra judicial killing. This is the truth behind the political abduction.

As the convener of the civil monitoring commission I wish to state that those who under wrote the ceasefire agreement are also to be held responsible for these political abduction in particular and the plight of the people in general.

It is the international community that encouraged the Tamil in the North and East to deviate from terrorism and turn from extremism to Democracy. Under these international support and also with the concurrence of the Sri Lankan Government the innocent and unsuspecting especially the young Tamil men and women participated and started practicing democracy. But such participation itself has been the cause of this political abduction by the Para-military forces.

When “Asian Tribune” asked about what he meant by Para-military group, Mano Ganeshan referred to them as “Karuna’s group” and those they are part of the Government. What ever ways the Para-Military group are implicated they in turn are implicated with the Government. The government cannot put the blame on the Para-military group and escape and play innocent. All the kidnappers should be brought to books and the para-military organization should be dissolved forth with.

I very much like to say the names of the people behind these kidnapping, even though I know some details, but I am only involved and heading in a campaign to root out abduction and human rights violation. Furthermore, it should be remembered that I live in Colombo. When I started this campaign in last September 2006, it was only my friend late Ravi Raj was with me. There were no other members of parliament. From outside the parliament there were messers Sri Tunga Jayasuriya and Dr.Wikaramabahu Karunaratne were with me. We were all alone. The forces that killed Ravi Raj were also after me to silence me. I was out of the country for three weeks last November just immediately after the killing of Ravi Raj.

But now our campaign against human rights violation and abduction in Sri Lanka has caught up nationally and internationally. The main opposition UNP has officially joined the civil monitoring commission. In addition, TNA is in it.

The break away group from the government led by Mangala Samaraweera has also taken up a public stand against human rights violation. There are also other Tamil, Muslims and Sinhalese progressive political parties. Even the JVP irrespective of their political differences are slowly moving towards our position. At present, it is only the government and the JHU with the Para-Military group are on the other side.

- Asian Tribune -

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