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India backsliding on its own sovereignty for narrow gains of coalition politics by congress government

By Walter Jayawardhana

For India it was a matter of submitting its sovereignty to a terrorist group but it is unable to do a thing about it despite the fact that the South Asian giant wants to impress its smaller neighbors like Sri Lanka that it is the super power of the region. India had bullied smaller countries like Nepal in recent past. It is true that the Tamil terrorist group, that pioneered in suicide missions and other terrorist methods was a Frankenstein Monster created by India like many other terrorist groups in the region to impose Indian hegemony in the poverty stricken region of the world but exactly like in the case of the legendary monster the creator could do little to control the abominable creature.

Sri Krishna was a fishing trawler manned by Tamil Nadu and Kerala fleet. But the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) kidnapped the fishermen, and took the vessel to Maldivian waters to smuggle in weapons for their ongoing insurgency in the Indian Ocean island republic Sri Lanka. For repairs that might arise during the mission the Tamil Tigers took the trawler’s Kerala mechanic to accompany ten of their cadres, during the long trip to the Maldives.

Tamil Nadu rulers, led by Chief Minister Muthuvel Karunanidhi or his cohorts negotiated with the Tamil Tigers for the release of the Tamil Nadu fishermen. Up to the day nobody knows under what kind of conditions the fishermen were released and on what terms. The release of the fishermen has been orchestrated for the press. But whether Karunanidhi released some of the Tamil Tigers awaiting in police custody until cases are filed in exchange has not yet been revealed. The authorities are mum on the topic.

But the vessel Sri Krishna had to be sunk by the Maldivian authorities while the Kerala mechanic and the four LTTE hands were rescued. The other five Tamil Tigers were killed in the encounter with the Maldivian Coast Guard. A Maldivian court has now sentenced the four remaining Tamil Tigers to a jail term of 15 years.

The 54 year old Simon Soza, the Kerala mechanic said, “For the first five days after I was captured, I refused to eat anything offered by them. I spend the time crying, praying and sleeping. But then, they threatened to shoot me, (Later) I helped them in repairing their boats.”

Before this incident the Tamil Tigers killed five Tamil Nadu fishermen at Kanyakumari near the Tamil Nadu coast. The Tamil Tigers thought that the innocent fishermen were spying on their weapons smuggling activities. That was also blamed by Karunanidhi on the Sri Lanka Navy to rabble rouse the ignorant Tamil Nadu voters.

There is no move to identify the murderers, those who corroborated with them or bring any of them before a court of law since being too harsh on the Tamil Tigers is a very sensitive political problem in the Southern state of Tamil Nadu.

After the assassination of the former Congress leader Rajiv Gandhi the LTTE has staged a come back to Tamil Nadu while the DMK led by Chief Minister Karunanidhi who is a strong pillar of New Delhi’s Dr. Manmohan Singh’s coalition government is not attempting to hide his allegiance to the Sri Lankan separatist group.

His favorite child, Kanimozhi , who has been just elevated to the position of a member of India’s Upper House of parliament, the Rajya Sabha, is a politician publicly supporting the terrorist movement. She is intricately connected with South India’s manipulators of political power like Nachimuttu Socrates and Catholic priest Father Gasper Raj. Socrates has been arrested for attempting to bribe the US State Department officials on behalf of the Tamil Tigers. The close friend Raj is claiming he is fusing Mozart with Karnatic music as part of Kanimozhi’s so called cultural activites. Critics say for all three Raj, Nachimuttu and Kanimozhi there is no greater God than Prabhakaran, the LTTE supremo.

Killing and kidnapping of Tamil Nadu fishermen and piracy of Indian sea going craft to be employed to smuggle in weapons is not the only threat facing Indian sovereignty by the Tamil Tigers. Explosives supplied by the LTTE have been making the toll in the North Eastern state of India where the Tamil separatist group is helping the Assom Liberation Front to secede from India.

And there too, India is unable to do anything substantial against the Tamil Tigers who have gained a foot hold in the South Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Andra Pradesh. In Andra Pradesh they collaborate with the Naxalites.

The bomb attacks in recent weeks in the state of Assam have been described as massive by the officials who have been handling the situation. The attacks are very much similar to the attacks performed in Sri Lanka by improvised explosive devices planted on bicycles and land mines buried in the grounds.

“These acts of violence and bombings at crowded places, the targeting of innocent civilians, are nothing but inhuman acts which are highly condemnable,” Assam government spokesperson and Education Minister Ripun Borah was quoted having said.

The most recent reports from Assam said there were night explosions in eastern Assam that killed four people and wounded 45 more. Two civilians died in Tinsukia and one person each was killed at Diphu and Doomdooma towns. The two terrorist explosions in Tinsukia and one at Diphu took place in crowded marketplaces. In Doomdooma cinemagoers were targeted.

The three explosions in Tinsukia and one at Doomdooma took place in an area dominated by soldiers of the 2nd Mountain Division of the Indian Army, currently heading the battle against the United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA), a news agency reported. The dead body of P. C. Ram, the Executive Director (North East) of the Food Corporation of India, was also found buried near the Mora-Pagladiya River in the Anandapur area under Borbori police station in the Baksa district on June 30, reported Assam Tribune. He was abducted by the United Liberation Front of Asom from Guwahati city on April 17, this year.

India easily blames Pakistani intelligence agencies for helping the insurgents and very careful never to blame the Tamil Tigers who are the main smugglers and are bringing in arms and ammunition from South East Asia in the LTTE merchant navy, for them.

- Asian Tribune -

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