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Tamil doctors in the forefront of Tiger terrorism

Melbourne, 06 July, ( After the latest arrests of doctors in UK and Australia the international media spotlight has fallen on Muslim doctors. They are now seen as agents of Islamic terrorism. The focus of investigations has shifted to these respectable faces of terrorism which has taken the counter-terrorist agencies of the West by surprise. In UK Mohammed Asha, a Jordanian doctor, was arrested. In Australia Dr. Mohammed Haneef was arrested at the airport just as he about to board the plane to India.

But long before these Muslim doctors were arrested the Tamil doctors have been in the forefront of Tamil Tiger terrorist outfit, financing, lobbying and legitimizing the violence unleashed by Velupillai Prabhakaran, the sole representative of the one-man fascist regime in the jungles of Sri Lanka,

In Australia, Federal Police have questioned Dr. Rajan Rasiah, a gynecologist in Melbourne. He is the head of the Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation (TRO) which is banned in some countries because it is a front for raising funds for the Tamil Tigers. The TRO funds are frozen in Sri Lanka.

Another doctor questioned by Federal Police is Dr. Easwaram Kanapathipillai, a general practitioner, also in Melbourne. According to the 2005 report filed with Australian Securities and Investment Commission he is the Executive Director. Chairman, Dr. Rajan Rasiah is Chairman, Dr R Tharman Saverimuttu, Executive Director of Board of Directors TRO and Dr. Kanapathipillai is a board member, who ran a Sri Lankan restaurant in Glen Waverley.

This is seen as another business front of the Tamil Tigers to raise funds. Arooran Vignanamorthy, who is now held in custody by the Australian government, was one of the key operatives working at this restaurant. He and Yadhavan were refused bail last week by the Supreme Court. But they have lodged another appeal in the Appeals Court.

In Sydney, Dr. T. Manamohan, a heart surgeon, has been one of the main financial backers of the Tamil Tigers. He lobbies for them behind-the-scene and lends his professional status and name to pressure other Tamils to make contributions. Dr. Manmohan is reported to have written a $100,000.00 cheque recently.

Rohan Gunaratne in his book, International and Regional Security-Implications of the SL Tamil insurgency(1997) identified the Australian Federation of Tamil Association (AFTA) as a front of the Tamil Tigers and among the representatives in the various states, the following docs are mentioned:1. Dr R. Ravindran, Adelaide, South Australia; 2. Dr Nadanchandran, Canberra, ACT; 3 Dr Bertie Sebastianpillai, Darwin, Northern Territory; 4 Dr .N. Rasalingam, Auckland, New Zealand 5 Dr V.Sundaralingam, Sydney, New South Wales. In Dr D.R.L Fernando's book Big Bluff -1985, he mentions Dr R. Sivagurunathan and Dr John St George-both from NSW- as vociferous campaigners for Tamil Tigers.

In America Dr. A. Ranjan, a nephrologist, functioned as the head of the TRO. He too was questioned by the FBI.

This is only the tip of the iceberg of the Tamil doctors who are some of the major financiers of Tamil Tiger terrorism. Most of them work behind the scenes providing huge sums of money. They are the respectable face of Tamil Tigers abroad. They do not manufacture bombs but they provide the money and the connections to buy them in the arms underworld.

Their neighbours in the Western world see them as decent citizens with loving families. This makes it difficult to identify them as aggressive terrorists who manufacture and transport bombs. Investigators also find it difficult to infiltrate their network.

These Tamil professionals residing in the West were the first to (1) refine the body belt packed with explosives for suicide bombers – the technology now used commonly in the Middle East;

(2) provide the technical expertise to attack ships in mid-sea – another technique imitated by Al Qu’aida in blowing a hole in US Cole docked in Yemen;

(3) supply the chemicals to attack a Sri Lankan Army camp in Jaffna which, according to Prof. Peter Chalk of Queensland University (now attached to Rand Corporation) was blown back to the Tigers by the wind;

(4) study and train Tamil engineering students to assemble light aircraft from parts shipped to Sri Lanka from Australia. The late Thillai Jeyakumar, the God-father of Tamil Tigers in Australia, was a key engineer who purchased parts and shipped them to Sri Lanka, making the Tigers the first group of terrorist to use planes to bomb civilian targets; and

(5) provide a professional and respectable front to infiltrate NGOS, academia, churches and other organizations in the West to promote their agenda.

In Australia Tamil Tigers’ TRO is a signatory to the Australian government-sponsored NGO, Australian Council for International Development (ACFID). Despite protests being lodged against TRO being a part of ACFID, some of the churchmen and pro-Tiger NGOs cover-up for the TRO, which is a well-known front for Tigers collecting funds.

Long before the Islamic professionals got into the act, the Tamil professionals had perfected the art of using their qualifications to hide their political agenda. Their professional status gave them easy entry into Western countries and easy access to high profile jobs. After penetrating Western institutions they have used the vantage points they occupy to promote their terrorist agenda. Two of the leading agents of the Tamils Tigers were the late Prof. Jeyam Eliezer of La Trobe University and Thillai Jeyakumar (“Jay) of Electrical and Electronics & Computer Engineering Department at Chisholm Institute, Frankston. Both were recipients of the highest award given by Velupillai Prabhkaran for services rendered. They presented a soft approach to promote the most brutal terrorist group of Tamil Tigers led by Velupillai Prabhakaran, labeled as the “latest Pol Pot of Asia,” by the New York Times.

All Tamil professionals from Sri Lanka got their basic degrees as doctors from Sri Lanka that provided them free education from the kindergarten to the university. Yet they continue to propagate the myth that they were discriminated by “the Sinhala-dominated government”.

Tamil Tiger network abroad is financed and directed by these professionals who attained professional heights through the social service benefits provided by the Sri Lankan government. Examples: subsidized food, free health services, free school uniforms, books etc. In their propaganda campaigns they do not acknowledge the benefits they have derived from “the Sinhala-dominated governments”. These benefits are available to all communities. The Muslim students, for instance, are even given the headdress free at a time when Western countries are banning the headdress. But the Tamil professionals, who denigrate Sri Lanka, never give credit to the welfare state of Sri Lanka which maintains one of the best social service systems, despite severe strains on the economy.

- Asian Tribune -

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