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A Calypso tells all about our coconut!

By S.H.Moulana - Riyadh

‘Coconut woman is calling out, and everyday you can hear her shout’, sang the famous American Calypso singer, Harry Belafonte.

He describes the benefits of coconut in this song especially dedicated to this produce, which is popular in this part of the world as well as in the Caribbean.

He goes on to describe the delicacy of coconut water and rice curry and how you can cook it in a pot and serve it very hot!

Decades ago, when he sang this song that ‘Coconut got a lot of iron, which will make us strong to feel like a lion’ only a very few knew the actual benefits of coconut.

May be our women are not selling coconut like the Caribbean women do but we have our ‘athkarathakaraya’ – hand-cart man, passing through every morning through the street and lane calling ‘Pol! Pol!’ It is really sad that all these years we treated this Harry Belafonte rendition as just a Calypso song about coconut and nothing more but now with new research has been done on this precious product many amazing facts have been revealed.

There are not less than 80 byproducts from coconut oil highly recommended by researchers for varied diseases.

The major health benefits from Virgin Coconut Oil are supposed to be -

a. improves or reverses Alzheimer’s disease

b. improves type 2 and type 1 diabetes

c. improves or heals many skin diseases and

d. promotes weight loss.

The problem with we Sri Lankans is that we rely more on imported products - ‘foreign’- rather than our own locally produced things.

If someone were to recommend Olive Oil, we don’t deny its benefits but, we will give more preference to it since it is from Europe!

The West has now given almost equal status to our coconut oil in par with the other oils for its hidden benefits.

So let’s join Harry Belafonte in a chorus;‘Coconut woman is calling out, and everyday you can hear her shout!’

- Asian Tribune -

 Famous American Calypso singer, Harry Belafonte.
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