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Dying not knowing why they are killed!

By S.H.Moulana - Riyadh

The recent three disgusting carnage in Nairobi, Peshawar and Baghdad have really sickened the entire humanity except those heartless extremists.

The pathetic side of these brutal massacres of the innocents is that they are being killed mercilessly but the victims were not aware of why this is happening to them.

The women, children and elderly who were the soft targets for these cowards at the Nairobi shopping mall, never knew where Somalia was or what Al Shabab stood for, yet they were killed for no reason.

It was the same situation in Peshawar and Baghdad where unarmed worshipers were hunted down without an ounce of sympathy.

When a small section of illiterate extremists keep fueling racial tension in the world with its senseless killings, the peace loving majority of the community to which these racists belonged is finding it very hard to convince the international community what their faith really stands for.

We urge all countries to have zero tolerance on those who preach extremism and save the minority rights and provide adequate protection to places of worship of every faith.

Even Muslims and their places of worships have suffered more in the hands of these very brutes than in the hands of anyone else and none has tarnished the image of their religion, like these idiots have done.

There is no time to waste and we urge all governments and organizations to act now, before things go totally out of control! This is a crying shame on gutless governments for not taking any action, whichever government it is.

It is a mockery that a certain government is calling these killers for peace talk.............what peace talk with these illiterate heartless beasts?

- Asian Tribune -

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