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May peace dawn again!

S.H.Moulana - Riyadh

The picture of two prime ministers of the two nuclear powers in SAARC, which is occupying on the front pages many Arab media (30 Sept.), shaking hands while agreeing to find a solution for the Kashmiri issue, gives us immense pleasure.

This is one of the oldest issues in the world only running parallel to the other one the Palestinian issue.

We from SAARC member countries would warmly welcome a meeting between these two big sharks in SAARC organization.

A very close relationship between India and Pakistan is of paramount importance for the successful functioning of SAARC, because most of the other member countries are looking forward for assistance from these two nuclear powers.

We fully understand that, unfortunately, Pakistan is gripped with brutal terrorist activities in three main areas, namely Peshawar, Quetta and Karachi and the death tolls in these areas have already exceeded what we daily see in Baghdad.

It is really pathetic to see in pictures that parents carrying their lifeless bodies of their off springs, after these senseless massacres, which have become order of the day. We can’t imagine such things are happening even in the jungle.

If an animal were to kill another animal, mostly it will be for its food – so food is the motive for killing but here innocent people are being killed and those dying do not know why they are killed for!

We frequently read the desperation of the Pakistani expatriates how they are helplessly watching these carnages on various TVs.

We personally feel that for Pakistani prime minister what is currently going on in his country should be the priority over all other matters in his country.

We very well know how peaceful Pakistan was, before the Soviet Union’s invasion of Afghanistan and late Ziaul Haq’s involvement in that conflict and the ‘importation’ of various groups to fight the Soviet forces, including Al Qaeda – Of course with the help of Uncle Sam!

This is the main factor that disturbed the peace in Pakistan. Many of our Pakistani friends bear testimony to this fact. I am absolutely with them.

May peace dawn again in that country!

- Asian Tribune -

May peace dawn again!
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