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Police killing of unarmed woman in Washington: baby witnessing the fatality

By Daya Gamage - Asian Tribune US National Corr.
Washington, D.C. 05 Oct. (

A distraught Dental Hygienist, Miriam Carey, 34, suspected of suffering from post-partum depression, who was in her car wildly hitting the White House sentry and then raced toward the Capitol Hill building in high speed was shot at and killed by Capitol Police and Secret Service members. She had her one year old daughter in her car with her.

When blocked by the law enforcement vehicles she alighted from her vehicle posing no threat to anyone around her, unarmed, but was still subject to hail of bullets giving her instant death.

The woman did not fire any shots. She wasn't carrying a weapon. Yet she was shot dead.

New details surrounding the death of Miriam Carey are swiftly changing the story’s turn of events: originally, one in which she was accused of being armed and confronted by police, into one about over-zealous police gunning down an emotionally-troubled woman in front of her child.

The 34-year old dental hygienist from Connecticut had been hospitalized after suffering previous bouts of depression, which began after the birth of 18-month old Erica. “She had postpartum depression after having the baby,” the victim’s mother, Idella Carey, told ABC News. “A few months later, she got sick. She was depressed…she was hospitalized.” Carey [Idella] was under the impression that her daughter was taking the baby to a doctor's appointment in Conneticut.

Her pregnancy with Erica had been unplanned, according to her former boss, Dr. Barry Weiss, who spoke to NBC Connecticut. Carey [Miriam] had seemed increasingly stressed after discovering the news, and around January 2012, she suffered a fall down a staircase bad enough to have to take two to three weeks off work.

She was fired around a year ago, but said there was "nothing unusual about her leaving our office."
One 59-year-old resident of the building where Carey lived said that she “seemed nice” but had been behaving unusually recently. “She would often speed her car in and out of the parking lot here, and that was something that really concerned me,” he said. “She was pleasant. She was very happy with her daughter, very proud of her daughter…I just never would have anticipated this in a million years,” said Carey’s next-door neighbor, Erin Jackson.

One columnist described the incident in the media: (Quote) There's no doubt she was out of control. She hit a Capitol police officer at one point, then hurt another officer when she hit a car he was driving. Was that enough reason to kill her?

I haven't seen any of the mainstream media asking whether this was the right thing to do.
I haven't heard anyone asking who gave the orders to shoot to kill. I haven't heard anyone ask what efforts were made to determine whether there were any other passengers, let alone a one year old child, in the car.

Today we live in a police state, where the police, every day, get away with crimes, get away with killing people, usually poor, often black. (Un Quote)

- Asian Tribune –

Unarmed Miriam Carey -  Dental Hygienist,  killed by police
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