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Alan Sugar - A Jew Who Screamed Racist

By Glen Jenvey
London, 07 October, (

British Police show that there is one law for the rich and another for the poor , while Alan Sugar who makes money from cheap imports from slave labor mocks Asian Workers on twitter and police claim there is no criminal offence in his Racist vile sick humor at Asian children.

The police will not arrest Alan Sugar as he is white and Jewish and will pay officers money like newspapers have been caught paying police officers cash, but police will spend hours reading this article looking to arrest the writer who is only saying it as it is ‘Alan Sugar is openly a vile racist Jew’ who will not get arrested, as he is connected even to the queen who knighted him ,could it be there is a link to even the queen being a racist that why she knighted him and has not stripped him of his knighthood?’

Greedy Businessmen like Sugar who profit in business from slave labor in factories across Asia mock children of another race who in fact comes from a normal everyday hard working educated family and has no link’s to any factory as the child in questions family are school teachers .

Sugar alleged of tax dodging, who made money from exporting contracts away from British factories like so many other rich London Jewish businessmen, to the backstreet dirty workshop to fulfill production of products that used to be made in the UK when the country had a manufacturing industry in tact before political parties and prime ministers dating back to Margaret thatcher day’s sold out the working class.

Sugar now mock’s some of the very countries because of their skin color and even children non-Jewish and white as slaves to Apple iPhone 5 production line. Sugar who has profited from slave labor and from his fortunes even brought a knighthood said to be by making donations to the Labor party finds taking the complete racist Micky out of Asians whether Chinese or Indian ,Pakistani comparing them with slaves.

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