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Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kadchchi Functioning on a Foreign Agenda – TNA Dissident Group

By K.T.Rajasingham
Colombo, 13 October, (

Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kadchchi (ITAK) is functioning on a foreign agenda alleges the three political parties, the dissident group which boycotted the recently held swearing in ceremony in Jaffna who are in fact the coalition partners, constitutes along with ITAK in the Tamil National Alliance.

A press meet was held yesterday at the Tilco Hotel, Jaffna where Mr. Suresh Premachandran M.P. - Leader of the EPRLF , Mr. D. Siththarthan, Leader of PLOTE and one of the elected Councilor, also the elected Councilor Mr. M. K. Sivajilingham of TELO and Mr. Sivasakthi Ananthan, M.P., a member of EPRLF participated.

In the press meet they further said, we haven’t boycotted the recently held swearing in ceremony just for sake of any position or power. They added that even before the election and now after the election the ITAK functions autocratically and that is why we boycotted the swearing in ceremony.

At the press meet they further said, we opposed the Chief Minister taking oaths before someone who according to us was alleged to be involved in war crimes. We urged them to have the oath taking ceremony before religious leaders. Unfortunately the ITAK refused to accept our request and autocratically did everything they wanted.

The dissident group pointed out that while we continue to remain in the TNA, we will voice for an international inquiry against the Government of Sri Lanka.

The TNA Dissident Group further pointed out, “Anyhow it is apparent that ITAK has pulled our legs ignored us and function on a Foreign country agenda.

The alspo said that the Tamil people did not cast their votes just because of a single person, but they voted only for the Tamil National Alliance. “We are solely bound to the wishes, aspirations and commands of our Tamil people.

They added at the press meet , “We did not enter politics just for the sake of a place in the ministerial berth, or for any positions. We struggled for the people. Therefore there is no need for anyone to be afraid of our demands.

“We accept the political manifesto belonging to the Tamil National Alliance. A united effort is needed to implement all those mentioned in the Manifesto.”

“Therefore,” , the dissident group said, “with the intention of breaking and besmirching our political institutions within the TNA and individuals I the TNA, measures are moved ingeniously.

“The TNA MP Mr. Sumanthiran while addressing the meeting connected with the swearing in ceremony, has told that ministerial portfolios were given to those who have not requested and not given to those whose names were not mentioned. Who is Sumanthiran to make such frivolous statements? – the TNA dissident group demanded.

One thing we wish to point out that even the nominations for any ministertial positions were not made after consultations with us. When all the time the ITAK faults, people are demanding from us the reasons why we maintain tacit silence ?

If we maintain silence throught out without uttering a word and then it would turn out to be a major collapse of our institutions warned the TNA dissident group.

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 TNA Leaders - the Dissident Group addressing the Press Meet
M.K. Sivajilingham - Telo leadere & elected Councilor from Jaffna District
Suresh Premachandran M.P. - Leader EPRLF
D.Sitharthan - Elected Councilor from Jaffna District, Leader PLOTE
Dissident Leaders
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